Scuba(CSS Framework)

Hi :)

I have released 0.1.0 of the CSS Framework that built by React called Scuba.

I started development from 11/28.

The reason I came up with this was because the other day, when I wanted to revamped my web site, I came to realize it is very difficult to decide on how to allocate colors.

I wanted CSS Framework which allocates colors to some degree, and went about developing it.

Scuba’s goal is simple: to standardize the colors on a page, and allocate colors. Scuba’s feature is a set of five themes providing two sub-colors. These are reflected within components called Containers. The user only needs to decide on the background color. (Of course, the theme and sub-colors can be changed!) If there is any part you want to change, you can do so like React, overwriting it with objects in the style.

Please take a look at the official site. (

There, everything below the body is contained within a Container. A change in color is reflected within the whole Container. Try entering a hexadecimal number to choose a background color that you think matches the page.

If you are interested, please try using Scuba😘

We are also waiting for Pull-Request or Issue!

Hope you enjoy it 😋