A Cryptocurrency that Makes You Exercise to Mine Coins

Photo Source: Cadio healthcare (metabike)


Move-to-Earn is a blockchain technology adopted by Cardio Healthcare that allows users to earn income while engaged in routine fitness activities.
NFT games went ablaze in 2021which introduced play-to-earn. Gamers all over the world were excited about the potential of earning from playing online games. Now, 2022 got even better with the new move-to-earn by Cardio Healthcare that allows you to get incentivized from your daily exercise using the indoor bikes and treadmills fitness equipment.
The move-to-earn model works similarly to play-to-earn wherein players completely own their in-game assets which can be exchanged for crypto or fiat money following their terms. Cardio Healthcare is the first and only Move-to-Earn platform that tracks real data.

Smartphones and wearables alone are currently unable to prevent fake workout data from being generated. This hinders the process of offering incentives due to the risk of falsified and inaccurate data. Cardio Healthcare solves this issue by using the power of blockchain technology and crypto to build the world’s first metaverse fitness bike and treadmill that gives the user’s body control of the game, bridging between real fitness and metaverse activity with its move-to-earn approach. The Wellness culture has gone too far this time.


Cardio Healthcare provides technology that allows users to enjoy exercising on the metaverse. It aims to create a healthy & happy society by solving the excessive financial spending problem by government & insurance companies. Users are paid Cardio Coin, a crypto currency that allows them to trade personal exercise data while connecting their workout in the metaverse and the real world.
The South Korea-based company was founded by Daniel Park with a team that consists of serial entrepreneurs, IoT & machine learning technology specialists along with global business veterans based In silicon Valley and South Korea.
The on-the-nose name Cardio Healthcare Company is a web 3.0-based token economy built from AI-based IoT sensor technology that collects validated exercise information and on middleware technology controlling various metaverse contents.


There are 500 million users of fitness equipment (indoor bikes & treadmills) globally. Cardio Healthcare supplies hardware interface parts such as:
- IoT Bike Pedal,
- HUB Platform
- IoT Treadmill Sensor
These upgrade the existing fitness equipment of various fitness equipment manufacturing companies so that they can be modified for use on the metaverse. Existing games from game developers can also be upgraded with exercise-type metaverse content. User’s riding controls the speed of the avatar and Cardio’s built-in game controllers let them take control of the action.
Meta bike & Metarun are the bridge between real fitness & metaverse activity. They utilize the Cardio HUB, a tablet, and smartTV application that users can log into with a simple QR scan from their smartphone Cardio APP. The Cardio HUB allows fitness users to access dozens of games and other content from world-class developers, and Cardio can continue to expand this curated list to hundreds of contents. With this, users can earn Cardio Points on their exercise, and use Cardio Points to get discounts, health & fitness products, or swap them for Cardio Coins.


Cardio Coin (CRDC) is a blockchain token used in Cardio’s protocol. It is a digital asset that corporate participants (sponsors) must stake when issuing Cardio Points for payment to users within the ecosystem.
Cardiocoin is uniquely situated to create the broadest reaching platform through the capacity to attach Cardio-powered IoT sensors to over 100 million existing fitness equipment in use today. This makes it faster & more flexible than the competition.
Based on ERC-20, CRDC has a total supply of 12 billion (i.e. 12,000,000,000) tokens, of which 10% is provided for private sale, 45% is provided for Move-to-Earn rewards, 25% will be used for marketing and BD, and the rest 20% is allocated to the team and advisor.

CEO Daniel Park says
“Cardio Coin (CRDC) will play an important role as a medium to facilitate fitness data consumption by healthcare entities such as governments, insurance companies, and hospitals by tokenizing exercise data collected from the metaverse, the future of our reality.”


- lMEXC Global listed the CRDC token on April 19th, 2022
- LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, listed the CRDC token on May 4, 2022.
Investors who are interested in Cardiac Coin investment can easily buy and sell CRDC tokens on both exchanges right now.


Cardiocoin has garnered a ton of interest and has been listed as one of the fastest-growing new coins since it debuted on April 19.
In the future, Cardio will create the world’s largest metaverse sports community that democratizes fitness data while providing 500 million global indoor bicycle and treadmill users with unlimited exercise and sports experiences in the metaverse space, all while monetizing one’s exercise data.



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