How to set up an effective “take action” page in 7 minutes or less

An independent professional’s key to personal marketing success.

Photo by Orysya Dibrova on Unsplash

Minimizing choices to the one that matters

Choosing your action / goal

Spotlight Buttons on
  • Contact me
  • Learn more about what I do on another website
  • Pay me
  • Download a file of mine
  • Add their email to my list
  • Schedule time with me

Making the rest of your page support your goal

  1. Consider adding visual examples of your past work or what you have to offer in a digital portfolio. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” exists for a reason.
  2. An even more powerful tool is video. An intro or explainer video will increase conversion by up to 80% according to this article. True, it takes more effort to create a video, but trust me when I say, the return is worth it.

Building your landing page



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