I recently had to deal with rejecting unsupported query parameters in a Dropwizard app. The majority of examples I saw online were people asking how to do this and receiving responses such as “just ignore them”. This wasn’t an option for me due to reasons beyond my control so I ventured out to figure out how I could support this.

I was already using @QueryParam annotations on my Resource method parameters and wanted to keep doing so to take advantage of the existing validation annotations that can be coupled with them such as @NotNull. …

In a previous post I described how you can Host Unity Games on GitHub Pages; For Free. Through my travels I discovered that this only works if you put the build output at the top level of your repository. Luckily, I also discovered how to easily change a couple of things so that you can control where your build output lives in your repository.

There are a few things that aren’t ideal with having all of the build output at the top level of the repository:

  1. Your README.md is no longer served using that clean Jekyll template.
  2. It clutters the…

Have you ever wanted to easily make one of your Unity games accessible online for free? Well now you’re in luck! The combination of Unity and GitHub Pages makes this possible. I’ll tell you how you can take advantage of this setup.

One of my Unity games hosted on GitHub pages for free!

Unity has the ability to build your games so that they can be played in a browser by setting a few build options.

The WebGL build option allows Unity to publish content as JavaScript programs which use HTML5 technologies and the WebGL rendering.

To build your game with this, in Unity:

  1. File > Build Settings > HTML5/WebGL.
  2. Install…

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