Benefits of bariatric surgery to cut down the risk of death

According to another study by National Cancer Institute released in July 2014, it was reveled that ‘extreme obesity’ can reduce life expectancy by 14 years. Class 3 obesity can considerably increase the death rate. Heart disease is the major reason for an increase in mortality rate in a sample of people with class 3 obesity. This is followed by cancer and diabetes; all arises from obesity and increasing BMI. The research concluded that people with a BMI between 40 to 59 kg/m2 approximately lose around 6.5 to 13.7 years of their life.Bariatric Surgery, which is the best known way to treat severe obesity, reduces the death risk to a great extent. It alleviates the major life-risking conditions that arise from obesity and adds up peaceful years to your life. According to a Swedish study, it was found that, Bariatric surgery can lead to a weight loss upto 18% after 20 years. It also revealed that the overall mortality rate reduced by 29%, whereas a occurrences of cancer and other serious conditions also showed a downward trend.

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