States With Weird Drinking Laws and More Control Have Less Binge Drinking

Alcohol is a major cause of death in communities like Santa Barbara, California and across the U.S. Individuals struggling with abuse should seek treatment in rehab centers to avoid the detrimental effects of long term addiction.

Live Science, an online source for science news, reports that states with stronger alcohol policies have less binge drinking. In an interview, Dr. Timothy Naimi, an associate professor of medicine at Boston University’s Schools of Medicine and of Public Health, told Live Science that “Alcohol is the third-leading cause of preventable death in the United States, after smoking and the combined effects of overeating and inactivity.”

The Effects of Stricter Laws

Naimi told Live Science that states should be doing more to curb death from alcohol. For many families and individuals in Santa Barbara, the effects of binge drinking and alcoholism are far-reaching and often go untreated in rehab centers.

In a 2008 analysis, “The states with the weakest alcohol policy environments, such as South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, who ranked in the bottom quarter of states, had higher binge drinking rates. In fact, their rates were one-third higher compared with the top quarter of states with the strongest policies,” says Live Science.

More Control Benefits Residents

Although states like Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, Utah, Kansas and Washington have some of the strictest and in some cases weirdest laws, these states also have lower rates of binge drinking. For instance, in Tennessee mixers and liquor cannot be sold in the same place, says Elite Daily.

“In Pennsylvania you buy alcohol in supermarkets from a vending machine that has a breathalyzer and ID scanner,” writes Elite Daily. In Utah, alcohol can only be purchased at liquor stores and is not available for sale on Sunday’s or State holidays.

Alcohol control is a good thing because it reduces rates of binge drinking. After repeated abuse, binge drinkers in Santa Barbara are at a higher risk for forming a dependency or addiction that requires treatment in rehab centers.

Nicole Donaldson is a health writer for Fusion 360, an SEO and content marketing agency. Information provided by Miramar Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers. Follow on Twitter.