How to Fix SSL Connection Error on Google Chrome

Chrome is the most trustworthy web browser worldwide and it always take care about security of its users, if it finds any single bug on website, server, system etc. it will display error to users and indicates they are not safe and alert them to find the solution.


There are many possibilities to displaying SSL Connection Error on Google Chrome, there might be problem with System, website or server, let’s take a quick guide to Solve “SSL Connection Error-ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”


  1. Invalid System Time
  2. Firewall is Blocking website or IP address
  3. Website is blacklisted in Host File
  4. Browser Extension blocking website
  5. Cookies and Cache not cleared since many days/weeks.

Tips to Solve “SSL Connection Error-ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”

Here’s the tips how to solve SSL Certificate error like “SSL Connection Error-ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR” in Google Chrome, if one does not work then you should try other solution to eliminate this error. If none of our solution work to solve your error, then you should contact the website administrator.

1) Disable QUIC Protocol

2) Remove or Modify Host file

3) Clear SSL State

4) Update the System Time

5) Check Firewall

6) Remove or Disable Extension

7) Clear Cache and Cookies

Read all above steps in details here :