What is the Process to Get a Green Lock Bar SSL certificate for your website?

SSL certificate installation is needed to get a green lock bar for your website. There are many SSL types available in SSL market such as DV SSL, OV SSL, & EV SSL. All are known their own functionality.

Let’s discuss in brief:

The Domain Validated or DV SSL Certificate

The DV SSL certificate is a basic SSL type which used for websites which has web-based applications that are not at risk for phishing. The issuance process of this type of SSL certificate is very quick & users can get easy to obtain it by verifying their domain ownership as per whois record. The DV SSL certificate displays HTTPS + Green Pad Lock once the certificate authority issues it for applied domain name.

If you can only display HTTPS with Green Pad Lock, then DV SSL certificate is best for you.

The DV SSL certificate displays like,

The Organization Validated or OV SSL certificate

The OV SSL certificate is the more secure certificate compared to DV SSL certificate because the certificate authority checks & verifies domain ownership as well additional business documents before certificate issuance. It will take 2–3 days for issuance and displayed HTTPS + Green Pad Lock + Company information in certificate details.

If you can get more secure certificate than DV SSL certificate, then you can choose an OV SSL certificate.

The OV SSL certificate displays like,

The Extended Validation or EV SSL Certificate

The EV SSL certificate is the highest assurance SSL certificate compared to DV SSL & OV SSL certificates. The issuance process of EV SSL certificate is very rigorous because of EV verification guidelines as per the Certificate Authority/Browser Forum. The certificate owner must be verifying all the business documents as well domain ownership. It will take 4–5 days for certificate issuance & once the certificate authority issues the certificate for the applied domain name, it will display HTTPS + Green Address Bar + Company Name in address bar.

If you can get Green Address Bar along with Business name in address bar, then EV SSL certificate is good option for you.

The EV SSL certificate displays like,

Process for Getting an SSL Certificate

  • Choose your SSL certificate
  • Purchase an SSL certificate
  • Generate the Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
  • Validation Process by Certificate Authoirty
  • Once the Certificate Authority issues your certificate, they can mail your certificate via registered email, just download the certificate files.
  • Install your SSL certificate on your web server

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