Our EDITED Development Team develops the back- and frontend for the desktop, tablet, and mobile version of EDITED, the online shop of our own label. In addition to the web application, the team is also implementing native iOS and Android applications with state-of-the-art technology like React Native.

The team works very closely with the shop management team — they are close to the product, highly flexible, and international. Together they implement new ideas very fast and therefore, steadily improve our shops‘ performance.

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Janina, our EDITED shop e-commerce manager, started as a working student and has now a permanent role at ABOUT YOU. Check out her story behind getting on board!

Our Shop Applications Team constantly improves the ABOUT YOU App, Mobile Website, and Desktop Website. These big-scale products are each visited by over 15 million users every month. The team’s focus is to provide the most inspiring, convenient, intuitive, and easy-to-use shopping experience for our customers. They constantly challenge themselves to raise the bar of what is “state of the art” in customer-facing products.

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Philipp, frontend developer

Philipp, one of our frontend engineers in our Desktop Team, is responsible for developing new features of our desktop frontend, optimizing load times, and the scalability of the product. Philipp has an interesting journey to tell on how he joined ABOUT YOU. After his 3 months coding boot camp, he joined us and managed to grasp up quickly as he was ready to go the extra mile. Check out his whole story on Youtube on how he got on board.

The vision of a company and the internally lived culture play an increasingly important role for applicants and especially the satisfaction of employees. Especially tech professionals take a look behind the external facades of companies and are interested in the company’s inner life: How do employees treat each other, what is the motivation of the company and how does the company define success beyond numbers?

The latest survey of the German weekly magazine “stern” and the market research company “Statista” provides insights into the employee’s satisfaction of German employers — and awards ABOUT YOU as one of the most popular employers in Germany. …



AY Dev news — fast & flexible. Check our vacancies https://corporate.aboutyou.de/en/jobs or our large-scale eCommerce infrastructure https://cloud.aboutyou.com

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