Wantrepreneurs. The new plague on small business!

Wantrepreneurs are a deadly plague on small business! Now what the hell is a wantrepreneur? A wantrepreneur is if want and an entrepreneur had a baby and that spoiled child received everything on a silver platter; essentially it is all the promises and veil of a successful entrepreneur but no foundation or work ethic of a real entrepreneur.

With the YouTube boom and its progression, it is becoming a very diverse platform touching different topics. One subject on the rise is the promotion of entrepreneurship. The idea of pushing someone to do what they love and are most passionate about is a beautiful act any person can do. Sadly, along with beauty comes the beast, in this case that beast is the dreaded wantrepreneur. Specifically the beast of wantrepreneur marketing.

To survive this cheap take on Beauty and the Beast of marketing wantrepreneurship it is essential to spot out the beast. The basic function of a marketer is to promote the business it is partnered with. In this day and age it is a must for marketers to promote business on every platform that brings in the numbers, the customers. Major red flags for separating flaunters of marketing and the genuine marketers is “lack of platform content”.Genuine marketers are able to produce not only the visual affects from social media but the numbers behind it; analytics, charts, cpc etc. Opposed to the “flaunters”. In the world of marketing there are numerous tools that can and should be utilized; Google ads, Facebook adverts, SEO etc. The difference between the two marketers is the “want” and the legit. The wantrepreneur will want to use these tools but fail to do so due to the lack of familiarity, as where the legit understand these tools and use them to their advantage.

This article is not meant to discourage small business from using marketers rather to promote the use of reliable trustworthy marketers. Marketing is a great asset to the growth of business if and only if the correct players are on the field.