The Deep State Has Digested Both Trump And Sanders. Fight The Deep State.
Caitlin Johnstone

Agreed, Caitlin. It would have definitely happened to Bernie or for some wild reason, Jill Stein (or “that lady you voted for” as my grandpa told me yesterday. 😀 )

I do remember Bernie ending most speeches with the notion that it didn’t matter “you could be the greatest president you could imagine,” and nothing would change without the majority of Americans waking up and becoming involved.

I think we’re seeing many more people making this realization. My organization, Socialist Alternative, as well as others like DSA, are growing faster than ever with people looking for ways to make an actual difference through organization and better understanding of the world we live in.

One thing is clear- it’s definitely not about a single political figure. The important people on TV like to pretend “if we get rid of this ONE person, we save the world,” but no. It’s a humongous system that’s been gaining power for decades.

Not gonna change the inertia in a single term… or maybe lifetime. We’ll see.