Everybody knows about arrays, lists, stacks and queues. Or, at least, heard about them. They’re very useful and could solve a lot of problems. With Tree, the name is also familiar, but you still telling yourself that is too complex or overkill for your tasks. You are partially right, sometimes…

One cool thing that you’ve learned with docker is that you can create a unique docker image and deploy to any environments (integration, staging, pre-production, production…) regardless variables you previously defined for each environments. …

Notification: vous avez un nouveau message de …

Dans les métiers de l’IT cette situation est très commune. Vous avez tout d’abord des visites sur votre page Linkedin de profils divers: société X, chargé(e) de recrutement, ingénieur “blabla”, étudiant (pourquoi pas), recruteur anonyme…etc. Puis la plupart du temps quelques-uns se…

# Check if docker is running…
docker -v
# Build my project (should contain a « Dockerfile »)
docker build -t {name_of_your_image} .
# List of images (built and pulled on your computer)
docker images
# Run locally your image
docker run -d -p{port_expose}:{port_expose} {name_of_your_image}
# List of containers (running and stopped)
docker ps -a
# Stop and remove all containers (including running containers!)
docker rm -f $(docker ps -a -q)
# Delete all images (you should stop running containers before)
docker rmi -f $(docker images -q)

Note: On windows please use Windows Powershell and not a simple bash.


Web Engineer at @vptech (Veepee)

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