List of Top 10 AWS services in 2019

Anna Boyko

Amazon Web Services offer robust, secure, and easy-to-operate tools for databases, storage, running operations, and so on. Some of the popular global companies that use AWS are Netflix, Unilever, Airbnb, BMW, Met Office, and others. We’ve created this AWS services list to help you run your business with a much higher profit. Here’s a list of all AWS services:

Here are the criteria for adding the services to the AWS services overview list:

  • Each tool responds to current trends in the cloud market
  • It will be demanded in 2020
  • It’s secure and robust
  • It’s cost-efficient

1. Simple Storage Service (S3)

Amazon S3
Amazon S3

S3 takes the first place in the list of AWS services for storing and protecting any amount of data in various situations, for instance, to ensure the operation of sites, mobile software, for backup and recovery, archiving, corporate programs, IoT gadgets, and significant data inquiry.

S3 offers simple-as-a-pie administration tools that let you operate data and fine-tune access restrictions to reach your commercial or legal requirements.

What kind of value you get with S3:

  • Painless increase and reduction of storage resources in accordance with current needs.
  • Data storage in various classes of S3 storage that provide different levels of access to information at the corresponding prices, you will get a significant cost reduction.
  • Protection of data from unauthorized access with encryption and access restriction tools.
  • Classification of your data, simple operational, and reporting tools.

2. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Romexsoft Amazon EC2
Romexsoft Amazon EC2

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is one of the widely used AWS services providing secure, scalable computing assets in the cloud. It helps developers by simplifying cloud computing across the web.

EC 2’s easy-to-use web interface lets you access and set up computing assets with almost no effort. It gives users full control over the resources.

What value you will get:

  • Amazon EC2 lets you increase or decrease computing power in minutes, not hours or days.
  • You have complete control over your instances, including root access and all the features available on any other machine.
  • Adaptable cloud hosting. The service allows you to choose different types of operating systems and software packages.

3. Lambda

AWS Lambda is one of AWS services that will let you run program codes with no need to provision or operate servers. You pay only for the actually used time. When the code is not executed, no fee is charged.

With Lambda, you can run almost any kind of software and server services without the need of any administrative operations. All you need to do is to upload the code, and Lambda will provide all the necessary resources for its execution, scaling availability on demand.

You may like these features:

  • Lambda allows you to automatically run program codes without the need for server provisioning.
  • It automatically scales the program up or down by running the program code in response to each trigger.
  • When working with AWS Lambda, you pay for every 100 ms of program code execution and the number of triggers.

4. Glacier

Glacier is one of AWS cloud products it’s a safe, reliable, and highly cost-effective cloud storage solution for backing up information and long-term backup storage.

The cost of the service is only $0.004 per month for storing a gigabyte of data. This is a great cost reduction if compared to local storage solutions.

You have three options for extracting information for various use cases: Accelerated option will last 1–5 minutes, Standard option will last 3–5 hours, and Batch 5–12 hours.

Here are some more benefits that you can get from Glacier:

  • Glacier offers enhanced integration with AWS CloudTrail for running an audit, monitoring and storing storage API call data for audit purposes. You will have different methods of encryption here.
  • Glacier is developed to be the most cost-effective object storage class.
  • There is a community of Amazon object storage services that comprises thousands of consulting companies, system integrators, and independent software vendors.

5. Lex

Lex is one of the top AWS services offering a scalable, secure, and easy-to-use end-to-end software for creating, publishing, and monitoring bots. It offers automatic speech recognition tools and natural language recognition technologies to create a speech understanding system.

Lex offers two kinds of requests:

  • confirmation requests they allow you to confirm a specific action before it is executed
  • error-handling requests they allow you to ask the user to re-enter something to clarify information

Lex, by default, supports integration with AWS Lambda to retrieve data, update, and execute business logic. One more thing that you may like is 1-click multi-platform deployment.

6. Polly

It’s one of the universal Amazon AWS products. It turns text into speech. You will have a significant number of available languages. Polly is accessible via an API that will add an audio file directly into your program.

You pay only for the number of symbols that you turn into voice. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” contains about 385,000 characters and text-to-voice conversion could cost about $2. You can benefit from Polly if you use it for commercial or personal purposes.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Natural voice
  • Speech storage and distribution
  • Real-time streaming
  • Configuring and managing voice output

7. Simple Queuing Service (SQS)

Simple Queue Service is an entirely operated message queuing service that can isolate and scale microservices, distributed systems, and serverless programs.

SQS offers two types of message queues. Standard queues provide maximum throughput, optimal ordering, and delivery of messages according to the “at once” method. Limited bandwidth FIFO SQS queues ensure that messages are processed strictly once and exclusively in the order they are sent.

8. Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Simple Notification Service is a highly reliable, secure, fully operated Pub/Sub messaging service. It can also separate microservices, distributed systems, and serverless programs.

SNS is one of the most versatile AWS services. You can deliver messages to any operating system at any time of the day or night. You can use your own software that will add messages to the SNS, and it will send them to your subscribers. It’s fast and cost-efficient.

There are different variants of payments, but you will pay about $2 for 100 thousand email notifications, and this is pretty cheap.

9. Internet of Things (IoT)

AWS IoT is one of the trendy AWS services that offers software solutions, operations, and data services. It allows you to connect devices safely, to gather information and to perform activities based on the information received locally even if there is no Internet connection.

Operating services let you supervise, manage, and protect a large and diverse fleet of devices. Data services help capitalize on IoT data.

What you can get with IoT:

  • AWS IoT Services
  • Device Software
  • You can connect and operate peripherals
  • Protection, control, and management of devices in the cloud
  • Data services

10. Athena

Athena is an online query AWS service that simplifies the process of data analysis in S3 using standard SQL tools. Athena is a serverless service where there is no infrastructure that requires to be configured or operated, so you can start analyzing the data right away. You don’t even need to upload data to Athena since the service cooperates directly with data that is stored in S3.

What kind of benefits you get with Athena:

  • It’s very easy to get started with Athena Console
  • You can easily create queries using the standard SQL language
  • You pay per request
  • Integration with AWS Glue will give you an optimized query performance cost reduction

How to set up and operate AWS?

Now you know what is AWS services and how you can benefit from using them. There’s another question that can bother you how to get everything works the right way. Romexsoft company is here to assist you with designing, implementing, and deploying any software on AWS and benefiting from AWS features.

We can help you migrate to cloud services by Amazon and benefit from it. We have a team that will operate and monitor resources and apps. This will let you focus on your business goals and make the processes safe, agile, and innovative. Let AWS products work for you.

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