Don’t miss the festivities this year…

Festive seasons are targeted by marketers because that is when consumers are more generous about spending — be it buying new products or gifts, or making investments in property and financial products.

Diwali, Eid or Christmas are no longer a one-day affair — they are long drawn celebrations, spanning weeks, throughout the year.
To target them with your festive offers/products using mainstream media is a ‘shotgun’ approach — one that proves to be inefficient, if not inappropriate.

Not many know that the ethnic minority community in the UK celebrates Diwali, Baisakhi, Eid or Christmas with equal enthusiasm and fervour.

This fact about the ethnic community celebrating numerous festivals are an affirmation of the multiculturalism of Britain’s ethnic population. It also debunks the myth that the ethnic communities live in silos as Hindus, Muslims, Christians or other faiths.

The mainstream media’s approach to engaging with the consumers is often impersonal — resembling a cold handshake or an unenthusiastic hug. In short, a missed opportunity to engage a large growing community.

On the other hand ethnic media engages with the community far more effectively than their mainstream counterparts, especially during festive seasons.

Therefore it’s surprising that there is still a severe dearth of mainstream brands that engage with the population through the ethnic press. It is also surprising that these brands prefer to stick to mainstream for a one-off campaign, when the ethnic media can do more. It can achieve results in half the cost and offer a longer running time,covering all festivities across communities.

Case Studies of Ethnic Media Engagement of Global Brands

Retailers engaging with the British South community through Asian Voice, ABPL Group, 2016.

The festive season allows brands to show a new dimension by creating custom experiences across multiple media — creating loyalty and forming habits. Festive campaigns are therefore not just about buying an expensive holiday — but they take care of decisions.

It should definitely be more than just a jolt in a week during Diwali or Christmas, as we know that the calendar dates follow through almost seamlessly.

To illustrate…

  1. April — Baisakhi
  2. June, July — Ramadan & Eid
  3. October, November — Diwali
  4. December — Christmas
It brings context and relevance that no mainstream can match. There is no doubt that ethnic communities more readily embrace a brand’s effort to communicate to them at a local level, through their own language, magazine, and newspaper.

So if you haven’t thought about your strategy to engage with the ethnic community as yet, you still have time — Diwali is nigh. Speak to us at Asian Voice before your competitors do- to reach out to people who matter, better and farther.

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