Retailing to the British Asian

Hyper-localising Supermarkets in the UK

The Average British Asian family spends almost half their grocery shopping budget in local shops other than supermarkets, despite their regular weekly trips to the supermarkets. Source: ABPL Readership Survey, May 2016
When more than 6.9% of the UK are British Asian consumers, it is vital that marketers are aware of the cultural nuances of one of the most regular activity, such as weekly shopping. You have more than £130 billion reasons for the same.
The British Asian family spends anywhere from 10 GBp to 100 GBP per visit to a shopping centre — local shops or supermarkets

There is an enormous opportunity for retailers in the area of ethnic marketing. Specifically, British Asian shoppers are not finding the products they want in their local supermarkets, and rely on local small stores. And even if they find the products they want, they do not prefer the same. Why?

Considering that the average British Asian shopper does visit the supermarket on a weekly basis, how can retailers tap/adapt/convert their shopping habits to rely more on them, than allow almost 50% to be lost to small local shops?
The relationship between ethnic identities, and shopping is a fascination facet — the way in which the dominant culture affects the weekly grocery shopping, and how ethnic society gains their identity through what and where they shop. And once, retailers have the system to understand this, it literally is like having a master key to the community.
  1. How does the family structure affect weekly shopping?
  2. Who does the shopping? Who makes the decision?
  3. How do religions and calendar events affect shopping cycles?

Supermarkets have to think hyperlocal

One of biggest trends in the marketing world, is the rise of hyperlocal advertising. Hyperlocal, as it’s called in ad circles, is marketers geographically target audiences for the purpose of delivering relevant ads. This is where we have to draw the unique position and power of print, data and knowledge of a publisher who works closely with the community.

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