The Eth Game, not just an eth game.

Conquer the first ever smart contract trophy.

The Eth Game is a strategic game on the Ethereum blockchain played on a 6x6 grid of cells, every cell on the grid can be bought from the previous owner if you are willing to pay the price. The game has just two simple rules:

  • Every cell is valued 3 points.
  • Every cell is valued 1 point more per each confining vertical or horizontal cell owned by the same address.

How it works?

Anyone can buy any of the 36 cells.

Every cell has a price, when a player buys a cell a part of the price will be sent to the previous owner, a part of the price will be added to the prize pool and a small percentage goes to the developers of The game.

At the start of the game the cells are owned by nobody and the starting price is 0.01 Eth per cell. The price paid is distributed to the players, referreals, prize pool and developers according to the table at the end of the website.

When a player buys a cell a score for each player is calculated based on the two rules of the game and a ranking chart is created.

The player with more points is the rank one player.

How to win?

Wins the game whoever is able to be the rank one player for 10.000 blocks in a row, roughly 42 hours. Once we have a winner the game is finished and it won’t restart.

The game winner will be awarded with the prize pool and the first smart contract trophy on the Ethereum blockchain. Alongside with the prize pool the winner can also choose a message which will be stored in the trophy smart contract and displayed on The Eth Game.


Never spend more than what you can afford. It’s just a game, keep it fun.