Things I Learned on This Redeployment

Here are some things I learned when I came home from a 9 month deployment to Africa:

1. My wife is indispensable and I’m nice to have around. I think I become more indispensable at 4am when one of the kids decides they’re up for the day, though.

2. FaceTime, Skype, and Facebook messenger made it easier for my kids to warm back up to me.

3. Those same things don’t do justice to seeing how much kids change during time away.

4. My 2-year old daughter loves to watch the old Donald Duck cartoons. “Daddy! Duck!”

5. My son’s favorite Scooby Doo character is Freddie. My son is a Scooby Doo fan?!

6. Who knew pomegranates can grow in the desert southwest?

7. I really missed good beer.

8. HGTV is as addictive as ever.

9. I recommend eating your way around El Paso to everyone.

10. No matter what type of deployment you go on, the time and separation have the same impact on loved ones.

11. You can’t emphasize the resources available to Soldiers and their families enough.

12. Asking for help is showing strength, not weakness.

13. My wife and kids make every single day a good one.