Stronger Than You
Kate Leth

Thank you so much for this. It completely expressed my feelings when I, as a PoC & LGBT teenager, saw Garnet on TV. Representation is so important that only those who are not represented comprehend how freeing it is. But I am not talking about any kind of representation — I talk about fair representation: the one that doesn’t reproduce stereotypes and doesn’t perpetuate prejudices. The representation we all need is the one that empowers us, that makes us feel like we have someone to mirror ourselves into without being afraid of being who we are. Representation is almost like seeing a part of you and having someone to look up to, simply because they are just like you. It validates our existence and makes us go “Cool! I’m not alone!”.

A fair representation is made of no doubts, no discrimination — simply bliss.

It recalls me of the day I cried of happiness because of a Disney princess who looked just like me. It felt like someone had finally remembered that I existed in this world. And, now, I feel the same thing for Garnet.

I long for the day when every child, teen, adult and elderly feel embraced by what surrounds them. The day when their representation on media won’t be seen as a shocking surprise — shall it become natural, just as it should’ve always been.

The fight is not over yet, but we are getting closer and closer to our representations and rights — happily!

Greetings from Brazil,


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