IP DICTIONARY: #4 IPv4 Address Exhaustion
Lelia Gaes

The surprise is that we have come upon a scheme whereby the assignable public IPv4 address can be expanded by 256M (Million) fold, thus resolving the shortage issue. We have submitted a proposal to IETF called EzIP (phonetic for Easy IPv4):

Essentially, a sub-Internet with the capability of serving up to 256M IoTs may be established from a single IPv4 address. This is larger than the largest city (Tokyo Metro) and 75% of the countries on earth. The current Internet becomes the backbone / infrastructure for only those traffic that need to go beyond a sub-Internet. This is very much like the electric utility grid interconnecting islands of renewable energy generated by individual homes and businesses.

Thoughts and comments will much appreciated.

Abe (2018–08–27 17:51)