It is no secret that in the 21st Century, restaurants that cannot be found online and have no online presence will fail. However, setting up a business online for marketing purposes is actually quite simple. Here are 7 easy tips courtesy of restaurateur Abraham Diles to help you build an online presence and effectively market your restaurant online.

Establish Social Media

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Surprisingly, if one has limited time, setting up the restaurant’s social media channels — like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn — are more important than a website. They’re free to establish, and social media channels will begin to geo-locate the restaurant to other social media users. …

People tend to have strong feelings about tipping restaurant servers in the 21st Century. Those that have worked in the hospitality industry understand how demanding it can be. Others actively fighting for an increased minimum wage see tipping as a way for restaurant business owners to pay their employees as low as possible.

According to the founder of Stakeout Dining Room and Lounge, Abraham Diles, the reality is that while extreme circumstances have occasionally inspired, motivated, or sustained the practice of tipping, the principle behind why people tip servers is simple. He further states, “customers attribute value to good food and good service. …

Perhaps one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences is successfully starting one’s own restaurant business. Abraham Diles, entrepreneur and owner of Stakeout Dining Room and Lounge reflects on what it takes to succeed in the food and service industry.

Be Different, But in a Good Way

Aspiring entrepreneurs can’t start a restaurant without first fully understanding the restaurant and service industry. At the same time, many world-class chefs have tried and failed to start their own restaurant business, often due to some underlying flaw such as poor management.

Non-chefs that built great restaurants found ways to serve great food while giving customers a great experience, and they did it in a way that was unique. Simultaneously, chefs that built great restaurants found a way to express their culinary art in such a way as to connect with regular people. …


Abraham Diles

Owner of Stakeout Dining Room and Lounge. Stouffville, ON.

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