Why Wait Until Tuesday?


Let’s cut to the chase. You want the biggest bang possible for your abolitionist buck$.

For greatest IMPACT, look no further than Death Penalty Action.

Launched in March of this year to fill a void in the anti-death penalty movement, Death Penalty Action is all about IMPACT. We raise the visibility of our movement and get people talking. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s a small sampling of the media publishing or covering our work in the past few months:

Death Penalty Action co-directors Scott (left end) & Abe (right end) helped coordinate this action at the US Supreme Court on the 40th anniversary of the resumption of executions in the United States, and then follow-up activities as defendants put the death penalty on trial in DC Superior Court. The Progressive had this report.
  • Arkansas (links within report)
  • Unlikely Opponents of the Death Penalty (news item for which we provided extensive assistance)
  • Ohio (op-ed by Death Penalty Action Advisory Board Member which we helped draft and ensured placement as part of the campaign attempting to prevent resumption of executions in ohio)
  • Texas (links within report)
  • Ohio (news item)

What’s next? That depends on you.

Your generous investment in Death Penalty Action allows us to be YOUR BOOTS ON THE GROUND to STOP EXECUTIONS.

Why wait for a gimmick like “Giving Tuesday?” If you want your abolitionist dollars to have the greatest impact, look no further. Click here. If you are able, please join the handful of DPA Sustainers who click the box to make their investment of $5, $18, $25, $36, and on up to $100 (most so far!) automatic on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Thank you!

Abe & Scott

Death Penalty Action was launched in March 2017 to fill a gap in the anti-death penalty movement. Abe Bonowitz and Scott Langley co-founded and co-direct the organization. This selfie, taken in the kitchen of the supporter in whose home we lived while working the Arkansas crisis in March & April, documented the moment we had our first “official” documents identifying this new effort.