I’m weary Lord

I lost my husband when I was a young mother of 36. It is hard to describe the intensity of being a caregiver to a terminally ill patient- especially when the patient is the father of your youth. It felt like a 500 ib weight had been strapped to my back and no matter how tired I became or impossible it was, I wasn’t allowed to stop.

I was physically, emotionaLlysfaen and spiritually exhausted. Night after night I crawled into bed, to tired to cry and almost to tired to sleep. One particular night when I had reached the absolute end of my own strength I remember praying, Lord, I don’t know how I’m ever going to get up in the morning. In my heart I was hoping to hear Him say, “ It’s okay you don’t need to get up up in the morning — sleep in and take the day off.” or maybe “ You won’t have to get up and take care of your husband in the morning because I’m going to heal him tonight” Instead His tender voice spoke in the recesses of my heart. Go to sleep in Me tonight and I’ll give you the strength to get up in the morning.

Weariness is one of our greatest enemies. When we are weary, every problem intensifies and our ability to keep things in perspective diminishes. We accomplish little when we allow ourselves to become worn out and frazzled. There are times when no matter how much we desire it, our heavy burdens are not going to be lifted their purpose is not yet completed. During those times we need to learn to rest in the Lord. He wants us to hand Him our burdens each night and ask Him to give us the strength we need to face the next day. God knew I needed to rest in order to face the next days stress- and so do you. The place to start recovering your hope and your joy is to find ways to rest relax and be restored.