In 2017, the restaurant industry recorded an astonishing $799B in sales. Food and beverage purchases in 2017 totaled $284B. But don’t kid yourself, it’s a hard business. The restaurant business requires a level of stamina and dedication akin to a marathon — if a marathon had a failure rate of 59% during the first few miles of the race (or first three years).

Insurance professionals, like attorneys and doctors, have a broad range of specialties and areas of expertise. Fortunately, restaurant insurance is one of them. According to the National Restaurant Association, there are 1 million+ restaurant locations in the United States employing 14.7 million restaurant industry employees.

Restaurants have unique needs and risk exposures that can be mitigated with insurance, including Workers’ Compensation, Employment Practices Liability, Business Property Insurance, Cyber Liability Protection, Business Continuity Coverage, Commercial Auto Insurance, Liquor Liability Coverage and more.

In addition, there are often multiple layers (and sometimes conflicting) legal and regulatory areas that are involved — federal…

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Abraham Zaiderman is the founder and CEO of Abraham Zaiderman Consulting. With over 30 years of experience in the restaurant business, Abraham Zaiderman has helped companies start, grow and expand their restaurant business with expertise in concept development, market research, business strategy, marketing, equipment leasing/finance, franchising, real estate and sales improvement.

How did you get started?

At age 13, I started working to support myself and my family. I started off working as a waiter in the Catskill Mountains in New York. If you saw the movie Dirty Dancing you will have a little…

This article originally appeared in:

“Stick to your word and honor your promises and commitments even if you take a loss in the process”.

Where did the idea for Abraham Zaiderman Consulting come from?

I have been blessed to have a successful career in the restaurant business and I want to share my experience with others, helping restaurant entrepreneurs find success by…

Abraham Zaiderman

Founder and CEO of Abraham Zaiderman Consulting

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