How to realize a beautiful logo

Getting an amazing company branding for cheap

What could you cost thousands of euros a couple of years ago is now accessible for less then 1000€. Thanks to globalization, you can get a complete branding and business card in less than one day.

A contest for your logo

The amazing service 99designs organize logo contest for designers all around the world. It is super easy. You write your brief, start the contest and wait proposal coming. During the contest, you can talk with the entrants and influence them. Even better they can inspire each other so that, you receive plenty of ideas and take only the best.

The price for a logo range from 240€ to 1100€. Moreover, you can set the duration of the contest — that is what I did for my 48h brand building challenge.

You can have a look to the logos I received. You will see there are all kind of them.

A template for your website

Do you really need a custom website? I’m sure not. In the first place, most people think they need there very unique identity. Ok for your name, for your logo, but, seriously, you can use a template for your website.

As @SachaGreif pointed out in his article “The Startup Guide to budget design”, there are many template directories. I chose ThemForest which provide a huge collection of beautiful themes for any use. The average template budget go from 15$ to 50$. It is just nothing for the value it brings you — a custom version would have cost you between 3000$ and 8000$.

The template I fell in love with is Astra.

Let’s start coding!