Trigger Warnings: Or how to create a generation of assholes without really trying
Rachel Edwards

Its true, im quite saddened at how self defeating this new generation got, when EVERYTHING can be called out as a threat using Cartman style mental gymnastics, you know something is wrong.
What is mostly baffling is how hypocritical this has made people over their own double standards regarding those very same rules which trumps the ideology and makes it too similar to the Extreme Right ideologies our parents-or grand parents had to struggle out off (Thank god for woodstock).
And after seeing what has occurred at Yale and Missouri, i do not think theses people are fit for the work force at all, i mean, honestly, i doubt we’ll get a scientist to cure cancer if he is stopped at every trigger warnings encountered.
Colleges and universities were once places where you would get challenged by different ideas, concepts, events, discussions — now they seem more like shelters, “safe spaces” for people to hang out and have their way due to “Moral High grounds”.
God i wish meditation was taught at a college level, maybe then would some of theses chaps get a better understanding of themselves and their relation to the big picture: They arent the center of the world, time to move along and create thy own path.