The Nod: A Subtle Lowering of the Head to Another Black Person in an Overwhelmingly White Place
Musa Okwonga

What ?

“The Nod is saying, “Wow, well, I really didn’t expect to see another one of us out here, but you seem to be doing your thing just fine. More power to you, and all the very best.”

Look, i dont know about this man’s insecurity complex but i would rather him not generalizing or projecting his own thoughts to what a courteous “Hi” type nod means.

Especially as the very same nod has been exchanged between race and culture toward each other.

I mean, cmon man, you’re giving us an example of going to another country then feeling entitled to a diversity quota in order for you to feel accepted in that very country. This makes me wonder if you even consider talking to other people and making friends which arent black or if you even bothered learning the country’s culture while traveling there.
Unless that was the sole purpose of your trip, but that would be puzzling either way : A trip around the world to meet other black people in foreign countries?
It’dd be an interesting goal yet this would change the core of this article as logically someone cannot honestly argue the lack of diversity in a foreign country without considering the obvious elephant in the room: Most countries have their own nationalities, cultures and ethnicities, they do not all need to be melting pots of strict diversity quotas.
And also lets not forget: The nod can be used by any culture towards any ethnicity encountered, its a simply gesture of acknowledgement of the other.
Whether or not you receive a nod back can be argued depending on the situation and state of the person who received it prior.