Left To Die

Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others.

Just fifteen when a small news column changed my perception of life. It was a death announcement of a stranger who was mentioned to be “left to die” in the hospital’s corridor. But I remember leaving the man in the capable hands of the doctors and informing the authority. The lump forming in my throat turned heavier, and my blood boiled with each sentence I read from the column.

My thoughts couldn’t help running back to yesterday… It was an approximate 20-mile bus journey every day from school to my home. On my way home from school, I found an older man lying on the ground in the bus terminal. Under the scorching heat, his body lifelessly lay there. Being curious, I approached him, and that’s when I noticed it. He was hardly breathing! I quickly put his head in my lap and tried to move him under the shade, but I could barely carry him. I felt an urge to take him to the nearest hospital but having only the bus fare, which was a mere 20 cents, I knew it was impossible. But my conscience didn’t allow me to leave him.

I ran back to my campus fast and shared the incident with my friends. We returned to the bus terminal and took the stranger to the hospital then the reality hit us hard… All of us were pretty young to understand the complications of the outside world.

None of us had any details about the man and the hospital’s policy was not to admit anyone without identification to avoid the legal consequences if patients died. However, due to our nagging and pleading, we managed to admit him and immediately informed the authority. And yet, here I was holding the newspaper the following day, which told me that he was “left to die.”

I studied science majors in high school to get myself admitted to a medical college to serve people. But this incident made me think about who was responsible for the elegiac death. Was it the hospital authority who refused to treat a man with no identity in the first place? Or was it the system, family, and society that failed to ensure a social safety belt for all?

Whoever it was, one thing I was sure of was that “money,” or more precisely “the income distribution,” is the primary catalyst that influenced almost every factor in society. We see people in many developed countries dying homeless in the streets. The developed nations have wealth and resources; still failing to ensure citizens’ safety. So we need proper wealth distribution rather than earning more as a nation.

But as a student, where could be my significant impact on the monetary system or distribution? Only a leader can do so. I believe a doctor can serve a few patients, but a leader can serve the whole world. So I focused on attaining leadership qualities. I joined public speaking sessions and competitions, debate classes, and policy debates. I involved myself in student politics and was elected as one of the campus leaders in high school.

But being a leader was not enough; my target was to learn about the economy and its imbalance and resist the inequality of wealth, which I believe will solve many problems. So I turned myself into small businesses and entrepreneurship. I also worked as a reputed FMCG business intern. Thus learned better communication, the market, the business-to-customer supply chain, and many loopholes in the supply chain and its impact on the market.

In the quest for knowledge of business and economics, I did not forget about the community for whom I was devoting my dreams. I volunteered in national and local organizations to ensure nutritious food for children, children’s rights, and education.

I intend to keep learning and supporting the community, and I promise a better world to my next generation.



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Abrar Abdullah Arpon

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