23 Best email services for small business and beyond

By Sayed Shahnur | March 23, 2016

s email marketing dead?

This is decisive question now all over the business world!

In my opinion, no marketing technique is ever dead. It’s just reformed and reincarnated. As per statistics email marketing still has its usefulness that brings great success to your business!

So it’s all about adjusting to the changes!

One of the vital changes over the years has been the automation process of email marketing.

So I am going to walk you through 23 best email services that helps business of all size!

Market your business by the most used freemium email marketing software’s in the industry

The ultimate list of the best email services for email marketing


Having its foot set in 182 countries, this tool is not entirely free but definitely worth to be in the top position. With 350,000 customers onboard, Getresponse has 1 billion subscribers every month! That’s definitely a jaw dropping number.

With the 30 day free trial, you are in the driving seat as you get to test the functions and asses your ROI. Moreover, you don’t need to put your card details either! This is one of the best email services for every marketer considering the price and features

Here is the pricing details with features-

2- Aweber

Its amazing collection of templates makes email marketing easy. Its reporting dashboard lets users to track the most significant statistics. Its supper easy system lets you control your email marketing with no hassle at all!

Aweber has a 30 day free trial which lets you experience the system free of cost! So you can have the peace of mind before you spend your hard earned money:) Considered by many as one of the best email services in the world, Aweber is defiantly worth of your use.

You spend $19 per month for up to 500 users and unlimited emails! In case you exceed, following is the pricing table with details-


Having over 10 million users onboard Mail chimp does not require any introduction. Mail chimp allows the users to craft email newsletters, share them on social networks, track results and collaborate with services already used by you. Its one of the best email services which is strongly recommended by many experts globally.

It lets you send 12000 emails to up to 2000 subscribers a month. It has two paid plans which are as following-

  • Growing business
  • Pro marketer

For “Growing business” plan, the price list and features are as following-

For “Pro marketer” plan, the price list and features are as following-

4- Freshmail

From creating newsletters to sending and tracking the messages, fresh email certainly puts you in the driving seat if you are doing email marketing.

Moreover, it lets you send 2000 emails to 5000 customers for free! You don’t need put your card details either and it comes with no obligations for the free usage! If you’r looking for best email services Freshmail is one of the must see options.

Its paid version brings an extensive amount of features for the users. Here is a list of its price and functions-


Marketingpiper lets you send 3000 emails to 500 subscribers per month for free. This is a broadcasting platform that interacts via content curation, email marketing and social networking.

Nevertheless, this platform also has paid functionalities. Here is a list of features that comes with the paid versions-

“Marketingpiper pricing table 1”

“Marketingpiper pricing table 2”

“Marketingpiper pricing table 3”


This is a brilliant software giving a tough competition to the giants in the market. It had good reviews onPcmag , toptenreviews.com and is considered as one of the best email services in the market. It allows users to send up to 14000 emails to 2000 subscribers per month for free!

It’s got a paid version where there are added features on top of the free one! Below is the list-

“Paid plan 1”

“Paid plan 2”

7- Verticalresponse

Vertical Response is a stand out name in every email marketing requirement! It mainly covers small and medium-size business and is widely recognized as one of the best email services in the world.

It’s got both paid and free version with different features! Here is the complete details-

8- Putsmail

It’s really frustrating when you craft the perfect HTML email but either that does not reaches the recipient or the formation may go wrong! So before sending it in bulk, what about testing it for its accuracy?

Puts email does the job for you perfectly! All you got to do is put the recipients email ID, subject line and the HTML text and VOILÀ! You can see if it’s really working before you send it to any live customer.

This is a unique tool that’s free and easy to use. You can give a try right away if you want to test it.


If you are operating an email marketing campaign, sandblaster can be your ultimate weapon! This software is designed to get a grip on your mailing list and dominate them by its super-fast and user friendly interface. This is one of the best email services on the web which works magically for bulk email processing.

It’s got both free and paid versions. For detailed pricing, click here.

10- Mailjet

Mailjet is almost like a celebrity to marketers. The main reason is its range of functions which works brilliantly to track, deliver and send emails for transactions, notifications and marketing purpose. It has both free and paid versions for its users.

Here is the price description with features-

“Mailjet Free Plan”

“Mailjet Paid Plans”

11- Activecampaign

This tool is very handy if you are marketer and want to automate your campaigns or want to test your designs before you go for the final shot!

It’s comprised of multiple email campaigns which includes RSS emails, split testing and auto responders. It also has wide range of email templates that helps you to build your own design.

Moreover, transferring contact list is supper easy with active campaign. Here, you can upload contact list from XLS, TCT or CSV file. Furthermore, if you have your contact list stored on the cloud like on sugar CRM, Salesforce or Zoho you can transfer the data from there to active campaign by using its built in automated data transfer tool.

Pricing details are provided bellow –

Monthly Plans

· $9: Up to 500 subscribers

· $17: Up to 1,000 subscribers

· $29: Up to 2,500 subscribers

· $45: Up to 5,000 subscribers

· $70: Up to 10,000 subscribers

· $135: Up to 25,000 subscribers

· $325: Up to 75,000 subscribers

· $415: Up to 100,000 subscribers

Annual Plans

· $91.80: Up to 500 subscribers

· $173.40: Up to 1,000 subscribers

· $295.80: Up to 2,500 subscribers

· $459: Up to 5,000 subscribers

· $714: Up to 10,000 subscribers

· $1,377: Up to 25,000 subscribers

· $3,315: Up to 75,000 subscribers

· $4,233: Up to 100,000 subscribers

12 .Yetesoft

It’s an award-winning software for mass mailing most often used by small and medium-size business. The application gives emails a professional look and is recognized as one of the best email services in the world.

Its features are listed below-

  • Standard reporting- You can download reports on your email open rate and click rate.
  • Auto IP changer- Prevents your emails to become blacklisted. Changes IP frequently while sending emails
  • Spinning content- Changes and rephrases your content automatically. This helps you to avoid being labeled as a spammer.
  • Frequent time lag- Creates a pause between your activities. When you are sending 200 emails in 2 hours, it will create a gap of 10, 20, 30 seconds or any time you choose between every email sent.
  • Template downloader- You may find good email templates on other sites. With this auto downloader you can download those templates directly in to your device and use it in your campaign.
  • Auto unsubscribe remover- Automatically tracks bounced emails and unsubscribed ones to take them off from your list.
  • Multi account function- Allows you to manage multiple email accounts by proper grouping and segmentation of the recipient.
  • HTML editor- You can edit your texts smoothly to HTMl without formatting error. You can preview your emails on HTML as well before sending it by this tool.
  • Personalize email- You can send out personalize emails to your desired customers in salutation, email subject or on the body.
  • SMTP delivery (Free) — There is no charge per email sent! This saves a lot of money for those who are using it.
  • Multithreaded mood- It connects to multiple email servers at the same time and speeds up your mail delivery surprisingly.

This software has a completely free version along with paid ones! However, the features will differ. Here are the details-

“Free edition”

“Personal edition”

“Business edition”

“Ultimate edition”

13– Constantcontact

If you already got a big email contact list to work with. this is an amazingly effective tool for you

Its built in data accumulator brings all your scattered contacts into one single interface.

You can also upload contacts and import them directly from Google mail or MS Outlook. Furthermore, its extensive collection of email templates makes it supper easy to choose a quality design for your campaigns.

You get a full 60 days FREE trial period to test this amazing tool! However, the functionalities are limited comparing with the paid plans. The paid versions lets you use more number of contacts with added functionalities!

Here is the pricing details –

“Email monthly plan”

“Email yearly plan”

NB: If you are a nonprofit organization, you can select the check box appearing on the image. This gives a discount out of the price you see above!

“Email plus monthly”

“Email plus yearly plan”

14. Madmimi

A very simple and user friendly tool for email marketing warriors. It’s one of the best email services online to share, create, send and track newsletters.

You can store up to 100 contacts for free with this app! The paid features got the following pricing and functions-

15. Mailigen

This amazing application is considered as one of the best emailservices, which offers cost effective email marketing solutionsfor every business.

No less than the other giants around, Mailigen offers brilliant features and dedicated account managers for awesome user experience.

Users can save up to 20–40% of their expense through Mailigen platform and can enjoy cool functionalities like Line Adviser, Video block with gif creator and many more.

They have a great editorial team which offers 50+ uniquely designed templates for the users.

If you are looking for a cost saving and effective email marketing app, Mailigen is a must try product

Their pricing is very reasonable for all size of business. Here are the details-

“Basic plans”

“Large volume plans”

16. Flashissue

This is a beautiful email marketing tool for Gmail. The platform offers a brilliant free extension to create newsletter which you can download from the play store.

Moreover, it also offers beautiful free templates and HTML designs. So you can test it properly before you intend to invest J

The pricing is amazingly reasonable. Here is the list-

17. Followup

If you are a thinker out of the box, this is an email marketing app that can be your true companion.

Followup offers a great free extension for your Gmail that can help you to choose professional templates, scheduling your emails and do many more cool stuffs!

The paid version has more functionalities as well. Here are the details-

18. Boomeranggmail

Not entirely a marketing tool but handy enough to help marketers around.

With its easy to use functionalities, Boomeranggmail is certainly one of the handiest tools to use for marketing purposes. It’s got a free Gmail extension that lets you schedule and send emails professionally.

It also got a free and paid version for the users. Here is the full details-

19. Followupthen

Followupthen is an amazingly easy email address that can be integrated with any email system on any device. You can clear your inbox and shorten your URL by this email address.

It’s got both free and paid versions with different functionalities for the users. Here are the details-

20. Wisestamp

When you are sending marketing emails the visuals are very important. One of the key elements of a great visual is the signature on the email.

Wisestamp creates customized email signatures that gives an added elevation to your email. It is considered as the number one signature marketing tool for Google apps.

You can create handy templates for free by this app. However, the paid version got more beautiful designs that can dazzle the recipient.

The pricing is very reasonable! You can pay $4 a month or $48 a year for the paid version. A definite choice for email marketing and surely one of the best email services online.

21. Reachmail

One of the most well-known email marketing platforms spicily for its great free features for the users.

You can send up to 15000 emails per month and save up to 5000 contacts absolutely for FREE!

The paid version are also brilliantly designed keeping the ROI of the users. Here is the details-

22. Targethero

Another awesome free email marketing application that makes sense! You can send unlimited emails for up to 1000 contacts as long as you want!

Some of the features it offers are as following-

  • Loads of perfectly polished email marketing templates
  • Simple email content editor
  • Strong HTML or plain text emails
  • Importing web pages (this is cool!)
  • Add your own images and host them with the platform.

In case you got to send emails to more than 1000 contacts, you can use any of their paid programs which are amazingly cost effective. Here are the details-

23. Cakemail

A very handy tool to create newsletters with amazing designs. You can send 500 newsletters to 500 contacts for free in your trial period. This allows you to check the usefulness of the tool before you invest on it

The paid version is well diversified. Here is the pricing table-


Marketing techniques are never useless unless you do it in the right way. Email marketing is still as effective as it was years back!

It totally depends on how you design your email marketing campaign! My purpose of listing these tools here is to save your time which you spend online every day! Looking for tools, options and way around of email marketing!

Simply bookmark this page, and select the right tool which you think is required for your business. All these tools have free versions so you can test them before you invest!

Best of luck!