90 Content Creation Tools : The Definitive List

By Sayed Shahnur | March 16, 2016

You want your site to rank high and get maximum exposure? Then your content must be-

• Search engine friendly
• Relevant
• Organic
• Valuable to the audience

So how do you make contents like it consistently? It’s not rocket science but neither bread and butter!

Storming your brain out will be a daily thing for you if you want your content to go viral!

So to ease it out, I am going to list 90 content creation tools by which you can market contents like an Alpha!

Easiest content creation tools for keyword analysis

1. Google Trends

A Google freeware to analyze and see the trending keywords.

Gives an up to date insight on the trending stories worldwide!

Really helpful for researching topics and finding information for free.

One of the top rated content creation tools used widely world wide.

2. Serpstat

This one of the easiest content creation tools which filters your exact keyword and selected Google domain.

You can then filter the subsequent keyword list for ‘only questions’ or all keywords that begins with a certain search term.

It has booth free and paid features. Here is the list-

Its comprehensive analysis and report on keywords makes it easier and more precise to develop content.

3. Keyword Finder

This is a helpful freeware to find out long tail and low competition keywords to build your content marketing strategy.

This is a handy free keyword analyzer that can be an added weapon to your arsenal.

4. keywordtool.io

Allows you to see top related searches on your keywords. Moreover, it allows you to see tending keywords and questions on You Tube, Bing and also in mobile app stores.

It’s one of those easy content creation tools that gets you effective keyword suggestions!

However, it has a paid tool as well with more functionalities. See the pricing list below-

Nevertheless, a very effective and popular tool to use for keyword research.

5. Keyword Eye

Not entirely free but has a free version which allows 10 keyword searches per day, up to 100 keyword suggestions per report, and 25 Google country keyword databases.

It has both free and paid versions.

Here is the pricing list-

6. Ubersuggest

This is one of the easiest content creation tools online!

You just put the keywords, select language, select source and click on suggest.

Then immediately it displays suggestion that suits best to your search term.

There is a plus sign that gives you the option to add keywords to your list and then export them via copy and paste.

Its completely free for the users and shows good result by breaking down both long tail and short tail keywords.

7. Wordstream

One of the most popular free content creation tools that allows up to 30 free searches.

Just put the word into the search bar and it will show other related keyword ideas.

It also offers an option which allows you to email all the keywords directly to your mail account.

Here is the pricing and features list-

Having an upfront free ad word performance grader, this tool surely can extract key findings that can elevate your PPC campaign.

8. SEO Book

It offers ideas on daily search volumes of market for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

However, a free registration is required for using this tool.

9. Keyword Discovery

One of the lightest content creation tools for basic keyword analysis.

The free version offers a list of keyword suggestions for a chosen term.

It simultaneously displays the search volume of the listed keywords for the previous year.

It has paid version as well which adds more options to its free functionalities. Click here view the pricing table.

Must use content analysis tools, Free and paid

10. BuzzSumo

One of the most widely used content creation tools in the world, BuzzSumo has everything you need for content ideas.

It’s a tool that tracks content on all major social networks and ranks them based on the number of shares. It uses advance search to deliver accurate results and screens content by topic or users.

However, only the first page results can be seen for FREE.

Further results are for paid versions. Here is the pricing table-

A user can select either yearly or monthly billing method.

11. Venngage

Its one of the most user friendly content creation tools to create infographic content for FREE.

However, the free accounts can’t download the infographics in PDF or PNG neither has privacy control.

The best thing the free version can do is show ideas and themes that can be customized by yourself.

If you want a complete customization feature, the paid plans can be a good option.

Here is the pricing table-

Overall, a cool tool for info-graphics and ideas.

12. Evernote

A large number of writers are using its free version every day!

You can write articles, research notes and store all your ideas safely.

It automatically syncs data from its mobile, desktop and webapps making it safe enough to keep your ideas.

Depending on requirement, writers use the paid versions.

Here is a list of the pricing and features of Evernote-

13. Cofftivity

Changes your background completely by its artificial but near realistic background music!

It generates café background sounds and gives your thinking a sweet leverage.

You can use Cofftivity for free. However, you can upgrade to premium music subscription by $9 only.

14. Word2cleanhtml

If you are someone who is comfortable with MSword, Evernote or google docs and not with your CMS, word2cleanhtml is your best friend!

It eliminates formatting issues while transferring your content from docs to HTML.

This is one of the simplest content creation tools, which appliesmultiple filtering options for converting results in a perfectlyformatted HTML version.

15. Site: Search

This not a tool but a hack in to google search system!

All you got to do is go to google and in the search box put this in “site: blog.copywriter.com SEO resources”

Now instead of copywriter, place the name of your competitor or anyone whose content you want to follow.

This formula pulls out results on specific keywords you entered from a single domain or website.

Innovative content idea generator tools for higher CTR

16. Portent content idea generator

A free user friendly tool to generate content ideas, titles and subhead lines.

It does not do any magic but at least lets your brain take some rest.

17. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

The tool is super easy to use! Just type in 3 keywords you want to work with and proceed next.

The tool will display a list of similar good topics.

You may not find all suitable but few of them may win the race.

18. Content Ideator

A simple tool with nothing fancy!

Just put your keyword in the search box and it will show list of titles which may work with your requirements.

19. Tweakyourbiz

A very easy tool for content idea generation.

There are huge number of posts everyday published here.

You can see titles of relevant posts and create idea easily from this place.

However, a little bit of brain storming is needed.

20. Buzzfeed

It’s not entirely a tool but contains highly rich and unique contents.

While creating a content, you may visit this site to get ideas on tittle and how to make your content more readable.

21. Coschedule

One of the most used free tools online which analyzes headlines and scores them according to its ability to rank on social networks, search engines and increasing traffic.

You can review your headline and make changes according to its results.

Top content readability tools for testing and quality check


It will ask you for your email to use it first. However, it’s completely worth it!

This tool is easy to use and gives a diversified result.

You just copy and pest the contents here and press check.

It will give an elaborated result on punctuation, rendered, spelling, sentence structure, rich words used, repetitive words and grammatical errors.

You can do a lot of content correction with free version.

Nevertheless, the paid features are also top notch!

Here is a list with pricing-

23. Grammarly

Grammarly’s editing and plagiarism-detection resources checks for the adherence to more than 250 grammar rules.

It has a free extension that can be installed with browsers that automatically detects grammatical errors whenever you write!

Moreover, it gives suggestions on how to fix it.

24. Onlinecorrection

This is a free tool which detects spieling errors, basic grammatical errors and stylistic mistakes.

This is a user friendly easy tool to use for basic correction and curation.

25. Spellcheckonline

Another easy and light spell checker that detects errors in your writing and gives suggestion.

It’s free to use as well!

26. Paperrater

A great tool to improve and correct your content.

You can do spell and grammar check as well.

However, the plagiarism check is with the paid version only.

The free features are for basic needs.

It has a paid service for plagiarism check of $7only.

27. Grammarcheck

Another good free tool for basic grammar and spell checks.

28. Gingersoftware

It has booth free and paid version.

The free versions has limited features and only tests texts to certain limit.

The paid version has more functionality to check your text.

However, the pricing starts from $5 to $14 per month.

29. Languagetool

It’s an open source proof reading free tool supporting multiple languages such as English, German, French, German, Polish and more than 20 other languages.

For basic needs a great free tool for the writers

Easiest content image sourcing tools that saves your time

We live in an era of visual culture all around.

People like to visualize to imagine and to believe!

So images on blog posts or any other content is a must!

However, it’s really time consuming to find the right image which must be royalty free as well. (If you are not creating images by yourself)

So save your time and energy!

Here is a complete list of free and royalty free image sourcing sites, enjoy-

Caption Free Images –

30. Plash

31. Death to the Stock Photo

32. New Old Stock

33. Superfamous

34. Picjumbo

35. The Pattern Library

36. Getrefe

37. IM Free (requires attribution)

38. Jay Mantri

39. Women of color in tech

40. Public Domain Archive

41. Magdeleine

42. Foodiesfeed

43. Picography

44. Raumrot

45. ISO Republic

Searchable Photo Stock –

46. Dreamstime

47. Free Digital Photos

48. Free Images

49. Free Range Stock

50. Free Photos Bank

51. ImageFree

52. IM Free

53. Morguefile

54. Pixabay

55. Public Domain Pictures

56. Stockvault

57. Rgbstock

Free Photo Collection-

58. Ancestry Images

59. BigFoto

60. Gratisography

61. Death to The Stock Photo

62. FreeMediaGoo

63. Hubspot

64. iStock

65. Little Visuals

66. New Old Stock

67. PicJumbo

68. Pickupimage

69. Superfamous

70. Unsplash

71. Wikimedia Commons

Photo search sites

72. Can We Image

73. Compfight

74. Creative Commons Search

75. Foter

76. Google Advanced Image Search

77. Every Stock Photo

78. Image Finder

79. PhotoPin

80. io

81. TinEye

82. Wylio

83. Canva

Brilliant duplicate content checkers that actually works

84. Small SEO Tools

This is a tool which is used in a very large number by content creators.

If you type “duplicate content checker” on google this tools comes first!

However, it has a limit of 1000 words per check.

You have a content exceeds 1000 words you have to repeat the checks with this tool.

85. Copyscape

A very simple and easy tool to use for page content check.

You just got to put a pages URL and VOILA!

You get the results immediately if that has duplicate pages or not.

86. Grammarly

One of the most comprehensive plagiarism checker online!

It searches pages for over 8 billion on the internet to compare your text.

87. Duplichecker

A very user friendly free tool for duplicate content checking.

After registering you can do up 50 searches a day.

Per search the world limit is 1000.

88. Plagiarisma

It supports 190 languages and allows you to check both text and URL.

This is handy for those who generate contents on multiple languages and seek instant free duplicate checks online.

89. Articlechecker

This is a handy free duplicate content checker tool that allows you to track who copied your content online!

You can also check your page URL by this tool.

90. Plagspotter

This is a powerful tool to find out duplicate contents of your page.

However, it does not allows you to check text but only URLS.


I am sure all you guys must be using one, two or maybe more of the tools I have listed here already!

I have just tried to get everything in one place so that you don’t have to surf through internet all day long.

Your content can be the key to unlock unlimited traffic to your website.

So make the most use out of these tools and save your time.

Publish and create your dream content like a boss!