When we lie to ourselves

We tell more lies to ourselves than to the world outside on a daily basis. Most of these lies are healthy and necessary for our mental and physical health.

Such lies are also necessary to keep us going with our lives normally. And here are other lies, which we simply tell ourselves to avoid dissonance and conflict in our thought. That’s also good to a great extent. But, then we never realise that while we are telling those lies to ourselves, many other unhealthy lies seeps into our thought processes.

Those lies come from our inner voice that is just trying to do its job — the job of preserving your ego, self-esteem, self-respect and your own image. That voice is mostly right and is always our friend. But, while trying to preserve our all those emotions, most of the time it loses grip on rationality, feasibility and reality of things. And that’s when we stumble upon, and momentarily, or briefly, “fall” in our life. We later name them as our mistake, foolishness, luck, or whatever you want to name it.

The good part is that the inner-voice is doing us more good than bad. The lies that it spun around the things to help maintain our sanity. It gives us enough “evidence” to prove that everything happens for the best. This is what gives us hope and helps us keep going with our life.

However, to avoid the bad part of that voice, which tells us lies just to safeguard our emotions, sometimes goes too far in lying — thinking it’s protecting us — it underestimates our true strength. And that’s when things go wrong.

‘We lie best when we lie to ourselves’, truly said by Stephen King. So, how do you catch the best lies?

I just hope someday our brain would evolve slowly into catching our own unhealthy lies that we tell ourselves. It could be another tiny step towards our slowly evolving super-human ability.

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