Smart Box

This project is an IoT (Internet of Things)box or a door that can be unlocked and locked through an RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification)scanner from Raspberry Pi or a mobile application. I have done this project with my team members An Eui Hyun and Aye Thiri as a final project.

Here are some pictures of how is the box looks like:

Inside and outside the Smart Box

We used Raspberry Pi, an RFID scanner, a camera, a servo, and a lock. First, we need to register the card number and name in order to scan the card and open the lock. If the card is not registered and has been scanned it is going to notify the owner that someone tried to access it. For both cards the registered card and the nonregistered card once they get scanned the camera is going to take a picture and send it to the owner’s email using the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) then the owner can make sure that the person is a known person or not, and taking the pictures is also for security reasons.

The other way of locking and unlocking the door is by the app, it is for accessing the door from far away by the internet. we used Ngrok, FLask, and MIT app inventor. The Ngrok provides an URL, we add the URL to the App to be able to control the door.



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Abrar S. Wahab

Abrar S. Wahab

Student at Gachon university - Computer Engineering.