SmartGym 2 (MediaKit)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about SmartGym. I decided to write our Media Kit here because Medium offers an amazing platform that you all use and are all familiar with. Plus, it looks pretty good! :) Hopefully, it provides some insight into SmartGym.

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Launch Details

First things first

Last year I launched SmartGym. My goal was simple. Make an easy to use, gorgeous and simple gym app, that had an amazing Apple Watch app. After all, to me, Apple Watch is by far the best gym companion.

Since then, amazing things have happened. SmartGym went to become the #1 most downloaded Health and Fitness app in over 30 countries! And just last week, Apple picked it as App of the Day all around the world. Really cool! :)

So, this means that it is now time to change it. It’s time to make it even better. It’s time to launch SmartGym 2!

We live in a busy world. We are constantly multitasking, doing everything we can, and on each day that goes by, we find even more things to do. So beeing active and keeping track of our health and daily exercises is something extremely important.

SmartGym already does that, but it can do a lot better. So, let's get started.

Whats new on SmartGym 2?

All new history

When I wrote last year about creating SmartGym, I said that it was focused on some key componentes that I think are the most important when working out: Routines, History, Measures and an Apple Watch app.

This means that History is one of the most important part of the app. It's how we keep track of our progress. How many times did I go to the gym? Which exercises did I do?

But we can take this to a whole new level. The first thing users will see in the all new History tab, is a section with four charts. Their Workouts, Average Heart Rate, Active Calories and Duration of their workouts. All charts show the user's weekly progress. With two buttons at the top, users can navigate through each week.

This is a great way to not only keep track of the week, but to also motivate users to go to the gym. Otherwise, every time they open the app, they will be presented with an empty chart. And we all know how bad and disappointing that is (I'm looking at you Activity Rings!).

But we didn't stop there. We've also added a Today's Widget, so every user can always keep an eye on those charts, even without opening the app.

Keep track of your progress on each exercise

Every day is a different day. We might be in the mood to lift more weight or maybe do a couple more pushups. Or, we might have hurt our shoulder and need to take it easy.

SmartGym already offered the user a way to log their daily workout. But it's now even better. Users can now compare their progress and keep track of those unusual days with beautiful charts.

Modify your exercises from the Watch

With the independence Series 3 brings to users, we’ve added pretty much total independence to our Watch app. You can now modify all your exercises, right from the Watch. No phone needed. Add, remove and change your sets, reps and weight, with just a few taps on your wrist.

Deeper integration with HealthKit

Since version 1.2.6, users can have their history deeply integrated with the Health app. This means that for every workout, they can see their Active Calories, Average, Minimum and Maximum Heart Rate, and Distance. All tied to the Routine and exercises they've completed.

We've taken this even further. Users will now also get beautiful charts showing precise details on their Active Calories and Heart Rate.

Better track of your measurements

One of the best things about going to the gym is seeing how our body reacts. Some want to lose weight and size, others want to get stronger and bigger. So, keeping track of our body measures is something extremely important.

The first thing users will see in the Measures tab, is a section with three charts showing their Body Measures. Right below it, there is a button to view all charts that also includes the user's circumferences and skinfold. There are over 25 body measures to be tracked! All with beautiful individual charts.

It's a great way to users precisely compare their progress.

Accessibility. A lot of Accessibility.

Anyone should be able to use any app. Period. So I made this a top priority on this release. I used many amazing APIs that Apple offers to deliver a superior mobile experience to every customer, including those with special needs.

A lot, lot more

  • All new design.
  • Your routines are not tied to the days of the week anymore.
  • Up to 25% smaller backups.
  • Toggle distance tracking on the Watch.
  • Access your exercise’s history, right from the Watch.

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