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SoundShare — Music Social Platform — launching Thursday May 5th, 2016

SoundShare 3 (Media Kit)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about SoundShare. We decided to write our Media Kit here because Medium offers an amazing platform that you all use and are all familiar with. Plus, it looks pretty good! :) Hopefully, it provides some insight into SoundShare’s latest update.

I believe every product should have a great why and a great story behind it, but I won’t go into those details in our Media Kit. But feel free to take a look at our other posts so you can learn more about us.

I’d love to hear what you think. (Please email me at abras@soundshareapp.com)


Matt and the SoundShare Team https://soundshareapp.com

What’s SoundShare?

SoundShare is a full featured social network focused on music. It brings many different music services together, allowing you to share the songs you love and interact with your friends, no matter which music service they’re using. For example, SoundShare allows a Spotify user to collaborate and share with an Apple Music user, a Deezer user and many others.

Users inside SoundShare can:

  • See what their friends are listening to;
  • Send any song/artist/album/playlist to a friend or a group of friends;
  • Start a party to allow friends to play songs through their devices;
  • Create regular and collaborative playlists;
  • Much more…

Launch Details

How Does It Work?

When a user creates a SoundShare account, by default, they’ll use iTunes as the search engine and YouTube as the audio source. In other words, they can find any song in the iTunes catalog and play the audio for that song from YouTube.

When connecting with a music service (we currently support Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer), SoundShare replaces the search engine and the audio source with the appropriate one. For example, if a user connects their Spotify account, SoundShare will now search all songs using Spotify’s search engine and will also play any song (no matter how it was shared) using Spotify's in-app player instead of using our default's in-app player. Same holds true if the user connects their SoundShare account to Apple Music or Deezer.

The social features are always available, no matter which music service the user is using. Which means, any user can see what their friends are listening to, start a party, send any song/artist/album to their friends, create regular and collaborative playlists, keep track of the most popular songs and a lot more.

As soon as the user listens to 30 seconds of a song, SoundShare will automatically share it to their history and all their followers will be able to see and interact with it. If they don't want to share what they're listening to, they can simply enable Stealth Mode inside the Player and SoundShare won't share their songs.

So, What's new on SoundShare 3?

Turns out, *A LOT*! :)

SoundShare 3 is pretty much a brand new app. We've learned a lot with all our previous versions, and talked a lot with our users to try to understand how we could make SoundShare even better. After all, we should always skate to where the puck is going to be!

All New Design

SoundShare 3 has an all new design. Almost every screen was carefully redesigned to offer more clarity and to make the experience better and easier.

Everything is grouped into small sections of content so you always know what you are looking at.

Party Mode

Last year we wrote about a problem most people have:

Imagine this, you are throwing a party, and your iPhone is connected to your home system. And for this party, you’ve created a playlist and let it play throughout the entire night. But you have a lot going on, after all, it’s your party, so you can’t constantly keep an eye on what’s playing. Sometimes a party lasts longer than the playlist you’ve created. Or maybe, some of the songs you’ve picked are not the best ones. Currently, if a friend at the party wants to “fix this”, the best way is to go after your phone (sometimes it’s in your pocket — so this person needs to find you there at the party first), ask for your password, unlock the phone and then re-arrange or add more songs to the playlist (since it’s your phone that is connected to the home system). And if these friends want to constantly add songs, can you imagine how bad this experience will be?

With SoundShare 3 we are fixing this problem once and for all with what we call Party Mode. Basically, when you start a Party inside SoundShare, you can invite your friends to play songs through your device. By doing this, you give them full control of what's currently playing. They can add, remove and change the songs inside a Party. Your device will play it all, and update automatically to accommodate the changes they make. Even if locked and inside your pocket.

When you're done, just end the Party. A cool thing is that SoundShare asks you if you want to save that Party as a Collaborative playlist between you and your friends that participated.

Party Mode also works with Apple TV. And this is just insane! As we wrote in the beginning, SoundShare is tightly integrated with YouTube. So any song you play, it can also play the video directly from YouTube (this is optional). So, if you AirPlay SoundShare to Apple TV, your friends won't only change the audio that is playing, but also the video on your TV. And this is really, really cool!! :)

There are two really important thing to notice about Party Mode:

  1. To make this all work, we set out to design a custom, lightweight and super fast algorithm that is able to sync all devices and automatically update them as needed. We're not using Bluetooth. So, you won't get that bad Bluetooth experience of constantly connecting/disconnecting while your friends walk around the house. You can even invite a friend from another continent to help you curate your Party and it will just work! Believe us, we've tried. ;)
  2. It works with every audio device. You don't need any special hardware. Every device you can connect your iPhone, Party Mode will just work.
  3. You don't need to use the same music service as your friend! You can be on Apple Music while they are using Spotify, Deezer, or just SoundShare. You just invite your friend and start having fun. That's it!

Party Mode makes room for so many different possibilities. A sleep over night, dinner parties and even on a road trip with your friends. Seriously, this is just great on a road trip. You won't need to pass your iPhone around the car anymore. You can just change what's playing from your device. Even if it's your friend's iPhone that is connected to the car.

SoundShare Direct (send any Song/Artist/Album/Playlist to your friends)

One of the best things about music is being able to share it with a special someone. That's the main reason why we created SoundShare. Music was made to be shared, to be listened together. Music constantly brings back old memories and remind us those we love. And we often see ourselves sending a song, album or a new artist we just discovered to a friend or a group of friends.

But today that's really cumbersome. Usually this is done by screenshotting the music player, finding our friends on another app, and sending them the screenshot we just took. But the process for them to start listening to that song is even worse. They need to leave the social app where they received the song, go to their music app of choice and find the song by typing its name.

SoundShare 3 fixes this in a beautiful, easy and super simple way. With two taps you can send any song, artist, album or playlist to a friend or even a group of friends.

And for your friends to play it, they only need to tap play. That's it. Even if you are all using different services, SoundShare will do all the heavy lifting of finding and matching the right songs for you. One tap and boom, they're listening to that song!


Apple introduced MusicKit in iOS 11. MusicKit allows any iOS app to take advantage of many Apple Music features.

SoundShare integrates deeply with Apple Music. If the user gives SoundShare access to their Apple Music, it is able to show pretty much their entire “For You” page right from inside SoundShare. All their recommended mixes (Favorite Mix, Chill Mix, New Music Mix), Daily Playlists, Daily Albums, Spotlight Playlists, New Releases and more. They can also add any song to their Apple Music playlists, save to their library or search for any Apple Music content, all from inside SoundShare.

With MusicKit, you can play any song from your friends (no matter which music service they used) and can

Share Extension

Share extension is a great way to extend an app's capabilities when the user is running another app.

We built a share extension that allow any user from Apple Music and Spotify to add any song to a SoundShare playlist or send any song, artist or album to their SoundShare friends. It even works with groups.

In other words, right from inside the Apple Music or Spotify app, users will be able to send any song, album or artist to their friends. And again, this all works even if they are using different music services.

Just tap the share button inside the Apple Music or Spotify app, and choose SoundShare. That's it.

Much, Much More…

SoundShare 3 brings a lot of other new features.

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode is great for those that want to listen to their guilty pleasures and don't want anyone else to know. Simply activate it from inside SoundShare's music player and it won't share the songs to your history.

Private Playlists

Private playlists is a bit obious. You can now have playlists that are only available to yourself, of if they are a collaborative playlist, only available to those who are also curating it with you.

YouTube Player for Apple Music and Spotify Users

This is just great. As we mentioned before, SoundShare integrates with Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer. This means that all your recommended content will come from those services (if you have an account with them). The music playback will also come from them. But with SoundShare 3, you can now activate the YouTube player instead. Which means that you will also get the videos for each song. Even if those songs are coming from your music service's recommendations.

This is a great addition to Party Mode. If you connect your iPhone to an Apple TV, SoundShare can use the YouTube player to send all videos (when available) to your TV. And with Party Mode, this means that your friends will also be able to send videos to your TV, from their device.

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Media Kit Goodies

You can find all of the images below on Dropbox:

Real Life Photos

App Store Screenshots

App Icon

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SoundShare Logo

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Christian, iOS Developer, Designer, Product Guy. Creator/CEO at SoundShare and SmartGym.

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