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SoundShare (Media Kit)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about SoundShare. We decided to write our Media Kit here because Medium offers an amazing platform that you all use and are all familiar with. Plus, it looks pretty good! :) Hopefully, it provides some insight into SoundShare’s latest update.

I believe every product should have a great why and a great story behind it, but I won't go into those details in our Media Kit. But feel free to take a look at our other posts so you can learn more about us.

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Matt and the SoundShare Team

What’s SoundShare?

SoundShare is a full featured social network focused on music. It’s pretty much your music hub. It brings many different music services together, allowing you to share the songs you love and interact with your friends, no matter which music service they’re using. For example, SoundShare allows a Spotify user to collaborate on a playlist with an Apple Music user, a Deezer user and many others.

Launch Details

How Does It Work?

When a user creates a SoundShare account, by default, they’ll use iTunes as the search engine and YouTube as the audio source. In other words, they can find any song in the iTunes catalog and play the audio for that song from YouTube.

If the user connects SoundShare with their Apple Music account, they’ll use Apple Music as their search engine and audio source. This same holds true if the user connects their SoundShare account to Spotify or Deezer.

The social features are always available, no matter which music service the user is using. Which means, the user can already see what their friends are listening to, like any song, comment, mention someone, create regular and collaborative playlists, keep track of the most popular songs and a lot more.

When connecting with a music service, SoundShare replaces the search engine and the audio source with the appropriate one. For example, if an user connects his Spotify account, SoundShare will now search all songs using Spotify’s APIs and will also play any song (no matter how it was shared) using Spotify’s APIs instead of using Youtube.

As soon as the user listens to 30 seconds of a song, or add a song to a playlist, SoundShare will automatically share it to your feed and all your followers will be able to see and interact with it. For every song on your feed your friends will be able to like, comment, tag others, share to other social networks, add to a playlist and yes, play it using the streaming service they chose inside SoundShare. If the user doesn’t set up any streaming music service, SoundShare will use Youtube as its audio source (available to everyone). Since it’s a Social Network, you can follow your friends and be followed. And your feed works just like with Twitter (but for music), it’s everything your friends are listening to and all their playlists in just one place.

All of these information are stored into SoundShare’s servers. So, who you follow, the songs you listen to, your playlists, everything goes to our servers. When a user shares a song, SoundShare actually only shares the metadata of that song. And to integrate with all of these different music services, we have specific algorithms, tailored to each one, that is able to get all the metadata from a specific song from SoundShare’s server (no matter from which music service it was listened to from) and find it on the user’s chosen music service.

To achieve this vision, of bringing every music service together, with quality and with a great and easy experience to the user, it was needed to implement every music service APIs into SoundShare. SoundShare currently works with Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer and SoundCloud. More services will come in future updates.

Spotify Integration

Spotify integration brings pretty much everything from Spotify to SoundShare’s users. It was done on top of their iOS SDK. This means that you have access to Featured playlists, Genres & Moods, Charts, your own playlists and the ones you follow and your friends’ playlists as well.

You can also add any song inside SoundShare to your playlists. Be it from Genres & Moods, from your feed or from your friend’s profile. They can all be added to any playlist you create within SoundShare. You just need to tap the add to playlist button (the second button bellow any song).

You can start a radio based on a song, artist or album. You can play every song you find, no matter which music service your friends used to share them. And when you search for a song inside our app, it uses Spotify’s search engine and not SoundShare’s default search.

If you want to learn more about how this integration works, we have a more detailed post on this topic.

Apple Music Integration

With iOS 9.3, Apple brought a set of APIs that allows any third party app to play any song through Apple Music and to add any song to an Apple Music playlist.

If the user is running SoundShare on iOS 9.3+, they will be able to integrate Apple Music with it.

This means that as soon as SoundShare hits the App Store, every single Apple Music user will be able to see what their friends are listening to, like their friends’ songs, add a comment, mention another friend, play all those songs and of course, build collaborative playlists (no matter which music service they are using to share their songs). It’s incredibly powerful.

Users are also be able to add any song to their Apple Music library or to their Apple Music playlists.

There is also a custom Share Extension. It works from right inside the Apple Music iOS app. When you tap the share button on Apple Music app, you will be able to add this song to any of your SoundShare’s playlists. Even those that you are collaborating with friends using different music services.

The goal is to someday get full access to Apple Music APIs, just like Sonos, to be able to integrate For You, News and the radios.

We have a more detailed explanation about this integration on this post. I also added a video below, showcasing this integration.

Deezer Integration

Deezer integration works pretty much like Spotify. It was also done on top of their iOS SDK. You can create many playlists, add any song to them, see what your friends are listening to and play any song you like. Just like with Spotify, when you search for a song, it’s actually searching Deezer’s servers and not using SoundShare’s default search.

Everyone else

The cool thing is that if you don’t use any music service, SoundShare will still work. This is where the Youtube integration kicks in. SoundShare uses Youtube to play every song to a user that doesn’t own a Spotify Premium Account, a Deezer account or that have Apple Music. And he can also interact with every other user inside the network, no matter which music service they are using.

Collaboration Between Services

Since SoundShare only shares the metadata of a song, it can integrate many different services. Currently, SoundShare supports Youtube, SoundCloud and iTunes (all available to anyone from start), Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music (all requires a paid account to use).

When a user creates a playlist inside SoundShare, they can simply add any song they want to it. No matter which music service they are using. For example, let’s say a user just created a SoundShare account and is using Youtube as the audio source. Let’s call him Andy. After searching for a song, Andy can add it to any playlist. In this example, let’s say the Rock playlist.

Now, we have another user, Lisa. Lisa also loves Rock, but she is currently using SoundShare with her Apple Music account. Since Lisa is on SoundShare, she already sees Andy’s Rock playlist. When Andy invites her to also collaborate on it, Lisa is granted permission to add/remove any song she wants. Even though Lisa uses Apple Music and Andy doesn’t, Lisa can go on and simply add any song to it. Andy will see the song she added and if it’s available on Youtube, will also be able to play it, while Lisa will play it using her Apple Music subscription, all without ever leaving SoundShare.

The same principle works for any Spotify user, Deezer user and iTunes users (SoundShare loads and plays the songs that were synced with the device).

Media Kit Goodies

You can find all of the images below on Dropbox:

Promo Video


Apple Music Teaser
Spotify Teaser

Real Life Photos

App Store Screenshots

App Icon

SoundShare Logo

App Description

SoundShare is an app that connects many music services together into just one social network. A place where you can see what your friends are listening to, create collaborative playlists with them (no matter which music service they use), like their songs, add a comment and a lot more.

“SoundShare does for music what Instagram already does for photos” — iMore

“SoundShare is the missing piece of Apple Music” — The Loop

“SoundShare is a new iPhone app that makes it very easy to share songs you enjoy with your friends” — LifeHacker

SoundShare was a “New and Noteworthy” app, designated by Apple.


  • Full Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer integration.
  • See and play everything your friends are listening to.
  • Like, comment a song, mention a friend and start a conversation.
  • Create custom collaborative playlists with your favorite songs and add your friends to help you build the best one.
  • Find new users with similar musical taste.
  • Listen to and watch the full music video on your device and TV via AirPlay.
  • Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp your favorite songs.
  • Built-in Player so you can do everything else while you listen to and share your favorite songs.

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