History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

The trouble is with Historians is they only look at facts that others have provided them. Facts that are provided by the winning party and cannot be truthfully merited as such.

In recent years, with the ever expanding internet and all of the information available can now provide greater alternatives to those history books. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all historic documents are false, nor does that mean that everything is a conspiracy. What it means is that, you can only follow a pattern with the information provided. The conclusions historians base their theories on rely on the information being correct in the first place. Otherwise, the conclusion or patterns if you will are false.

The internet has many benefits, for voicing opinions to providing you with compelling arguments that make you question historic events or current events.

For example, WW2 is the only war where denying the consequences of the supposed “6 Millions Jews died” is up for legal action in many countries.

Historians could base their opinion on what they read and conclude what they choose, but it is unlikely that they would investigate the truth themselves. (Wiki doesn’t count)

A lot of information suggests that the events of what is written about Hitler are false. That does not mean I believe them, but it is accentual to note that no one is able to dispute a lot of the information out there.

Trump is dangerous, as is Hillary. Brexit is dangerous, because certain benefactors will not necessarily allow this to happen. Those educated in the reasoning behind the EU result for the UK will know that the majority voted to have one Government to be ruled by instead of two. (The second being the EU)

The important and only thing to remember if you’ve kindly read this is that just because history gives you a story, that story is commonly the version given from the victor. The internet provides a lot of information, if you look for it.

I could say a lot more, but I’d probably get into a lot of trouble with people becoming “triggered” or ruining their “safe space” and as such I hope you can take away something I’ve said to ponder.

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