Match Report — El Clasico

The 1st El Clasico of the season was a gloomy sight for Bernabeu and Madrid supporters while it was a celebration for the Catalan fans. As Barcelona soared high in front of the Bernabeu crowd with a dominating performance, Real Madrid faced the flack of their supporters due to their disappointing and non-zealous display.

The game started with a clash, just as it is expected of a Clasico, between Sergio Ramos and Luiz Suarez. From the very beginning, Barcelona showed their dominance with better ball control and much more direct approach to the match. In the 10th minute of the game itself, the Madrid defense was torn apart by a very well-timed pass by Roberto to Suarez who netted the ball with perfection, beginning what would go on to be a goal exhibition by Barcelona.

Barcelona went on creating chances one after the other while Real Madrid, on the other side of the ground, looked half-baked, frustrated and blunt. Madrid made a total of 13 fouls in comparison to Barcelona’s 10. Real Madrid saw 3 yellow cards coming their way in the name of Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos and James Rodriguez while Barcelona saw 2 yellow cards going to Dani Alves and Sergio Busquets. Towards the end of the game, in the 84th minute, Isco was sent off for his atrocious foul on Neymar that told the Madrid story of the day.

In the 39th minute, a wonderful pass by Iniesta set up Neymar who finished the move perfectly and put Barcelona on an advantage. As the half time whistled blew off, Barcelona was already ahead of Real Madrid 2 goals to nil and the game was very much settled owing to Madrid’s lackluster performance.

After the beginning of the second half, in the 52nd minute, Iniesta, in a first for himself, scored in an El Clasico through a move that he was responsible for. All the while Madrid only watched Barcelona take away the game while they only gave half-hearted tries to making an impact.

The night saw Luiz Suarez finish the El Clasico with a brace in his kitty as, in the 73rd minute of the match, Suarez scored his second of the game with the help of what would be called Messi’s generosity.

The Bernabeu crowd also witnessed in what was Claudio Bravo’s one of career’s best. Whatever little Madrid could produce throughout the game was saved and shrugged off by Bravo’s brilliance.

The season’s 1st El Clasico proved a nightmare for Madrid following which Rafa Benitez will have to give much explanation. Barcelona, on the other hand, take away much delight and applause from the Clasico.