Open Letter To Corey Booker From a Young NJ Democrat: Importing Drugs

Hello Senator Booker,

I’m an enthusiastic 26 year old voter of yours, son of Dominican immigrants, and I’d like to thank you for speaking up against the nomination of Jeff Sessions as AG. You made NJ proud.

But, I was troubled when I noticed that you and Senator Menendez voted against an amendment for importing drugs from Canada and other countries in order to lower exorbitant high drug prices.

Excerpt of the amendment:
“lowering prescription drug prices, including through the importation of safe and affordable prescription drugs by American pharmacists, wholesalers, and individuals with a valid prescription from a provider licensed to practice in the United States”

Excerpt of your response: 
“Any plan to allow the importation of prescription medications should also include consumer protections that ensure foreign drugs meet American safety standards.”

Although I appreciate you sighting safety concerns, what troubles me the most is that your esteemed fellow democratic Senators in New York Senator Gillibrand and Schumer both voted Yes as well as prominent democratic Senators Kaine, Sanders, Franken, and Warren to name a few.,

To help me understand, when possible please send over the data you referred to when making your decision to dissent from your fellow democratic colleagues.

Thank you! 
Wilbert Abreu

Backstory: This is my first ever letter to a Congressmen. After hearing the news of the vote, I felt compelled to ask “Why?”. By sharing this letter, I hope to aspire others to stay attentive and ask “Why?” to their own Senators and Representatives.