2017 is The Year of Good Music

From Unsplash by Egor Khomiakov

The year is 2017 and for the first time, I have found albums I enjoy as whole forms of art. Sad, I know. Up to this point, the closest I came to appreciating an album in its entirety, was Arctic Monkeys: AM. Things have changed.

I have chosen a few songs to share with you, some recent releases and others that are just new to me. Here’s to moving artists whose work makes me feel.

Generic Title about Music and Sound

Each hyperlinked pyramid by each title will take you to the song on Spotify, where you can listen.

Frank Ocean // sonic

AJR // reminiscent

  • Three-Thirty .:.
  • The Good Part .:.
  • Sober Up .:.

Banks // evocative

  • Crowded Places .:.
  • Someone New .:.

Dodie // chirpy

  • Sick of Losing Soulmates .:.
  • Absolutely Smitten .:.
  • Intertwined .:.

Post Malone // chill

  • Feeling Whitney .:.
  • Congratulations (Remix) .:.

Rex Orange County // endearing

  • Untitled .:.
  • Corduroy Dreams .:.
  • Best Friend .:.

Single Songs // surprise yourself

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