Cool Apps for Hot People Like You

this is a real list, i promise

I had to look at my phone to write this article, so I hope you enjoy.

#1. goodreads

As a willing participant on, I read literature and write with words. I am going to infer that you, reader of my work, do the same.

If we share these interests, it doesn’t necessarily make us compatible, but it does make us more attractive to the marketing team at goodreads. If we do not share these interests, and someone is forcing you to be here, tell them to f*ck off.

To get to the point, goodreads is an awesome platform for finding new literature, recommending books to others, and reviewing works you have read (so everyone can know how you feel). My reading list is currently 300 books long, which is the result of a few hour-long strolls through the site. Ergo, the site is awesome. You will find books. AND if you get more involved through rating, reviewing, and creating shelves, the site will be able to tailor your recommendations to make it even easier for you to find books you love.

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#2. Google Keep

Since joining Medium, my keep app has gone from bad to worse. It is now a place of absolute madness. One I have been avoiding and refuse to touch, even with my longest stick.

However, if it were properly organized, this app would be my holy grail. Think of the basic notes app, but on steroids. I love the UI or UX, whatever. The User Interface is great, as is the User Experience.

Your notes appear as post-its, which you can move around the screen. There is an option to pin your most important notes, so they will be featured first on the page. Imagine color-coding and labels galore. You can even choose to activate functional check-boxes. Everything is dynamic. The ultimate aphrodisiac. If you don’t already use it, honestly. What are you waiting for?

Did I mention that you can use it on desktop and mobile devices?

#3. Snapseed

Google is killing the game. I don’t know whether I should be scared or delighted. Nik Software, a Google Subsidiary, produced this photo-editing app which is the master of mobile edits.

I have begun to open Snapseed before VSCO, which is a statement in itself.

New features are continually added, and the finishes are so clean. They are so clean. I’m not moaning. Go away.

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#4. Twitter

My least despised and most frequently visited social media app. Obviously, a personal fave. On a good day, one stroke will reveal an entertaining joke, enlightening content, and at least one empathy-triggering post. I like to feel, for it reminds me of my mortal status.

You also get the inside scoop on news the mainstream media ignores, which is a good start for further investigation beyond the world of

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#5. LinkedIn

If you are on Medium, but you do not use LinkedIn, what are you doing? I don’t care if you work for yourself and never plan to work for another person. Make a LinkedIn. And make your company a LinkedIn while you’re at it.

This app is the only place you can regularly brag about your professional achievements, to other professionals, without sounding like an ass. You can list every volunteer event you have attended, professional certificates, and odd courses you chose to take for fun.

It also facilitates networking, and allows for opportunities to move professional relationships past the screen and into coffee shops or conferences. Wherever you fancy. It all comes down to the energy you decide to invest.

Tip: LinkedIn has tools to help you optimize your profile for search.

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#6. Yelp

BONUS APP — This is a newbie, but a goody nonetheless. My family is pretty traditional in the dining realm. We eat home-cooked meals, and if we decide to eat out, my parents choose the place. They have a few restaurants on rotation, a few being three, so we always go to the same location.

However, my BEST FRIEND (shameless shout out, since she reads all of my posts and loves to be mentioned) is great at food. I trust her with my palette. And for me, that is significant. She introduced me to Yelp. She helped me learn to trust Yelp. Though I admit, I still cannot effectively use Yelp. But that’s why she exists. To use Yelp for me.

See all those stars? Only 2 Dollar signs? A steal, truly.

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