In recent weeks SideShift AI has been busy understanding the exact value of 1 DOGE. As you can imagine it has been a lengthy endeavour.

After a deep-dive into the MOON technology behind the project our AI has derived the following formula:

D2 -D2 == (D-D)x(D+D). D2 -D2 = ((D-D)x(D+D))*2.

With the number of ways to swap coins on SideShift AI having reached over 500, it’s hard to know that everything is working as expected.

That’s why we built Shifty, a robot that randomly swaps coins around just like a normal user would use SideShift AI. …

Zcash has two types of addresses/payments. A transparent, t-address, is just like a Bitcoin address and uses the same commands as the Bitcoin Core API I’m used to. A shielded address, often referred to as a z-address conceals the sender, recipient, and amount of transactions. …

Blockstream’s Liquid product is a fork of Bitcoin that replaces the consensus model from proof-of-work to a federated consensus model. Most users are familiar with the federated consensus model from other payment networks such as Ripple.

Bitfinex and BitMEX were announced by Blockstream as partnering exchanges, but I was unable…

Operating a Lightning Node is easy, but then again it doesn’t pay much either. What happens when you close down half of the Lightning Network capacity? Andreas finds out.

In the third part of my Lightning Network review I bought goods and services with Lightning, with varying degrees of success…

Lightning Network aims to make micro-payments faster, cheaper, and more secure than zero-confirmation Bitcoin transactions. Is it unfairly easy to pay with Lightning? Andreas goes shopping.

In the second part of my Lightning Network review I became the largest node in the Lightning Network. …

Lightning Network payments are routed through nodes to optimize for cost and reliability. Will payments route through super-connected “hubs”? Will they collect and share your information with the government? Andreas finds out.

In the first part of my Lightning Network review I compiled and ran the Lightning Network Daemon, lnd

Lightning Network is a layer-two scaling solution for Bitcoin. What’s it like being a Lightning Network user nearly 3 years after its whitepaper was released? Andreas finds out.

Today I’ll be reviewing the Bitcoin Lightning Network, a layer-two/off-chain payment system and scaling solution for Bitcoin. …

IOTA is a tangle coin that ICO’d on Bitcointalk in JINN, another coin. It promises to bring cryptocurrency to the Internet-of-Things. But did anyone actually try using IOTA? Andreas finds out.

Today I’m reviewing IOTA, a token that uses a tangle instead of a blockchain. IOTA is supposed to be…

I’m glad to report that my Dash budget proposal to promote my review of Dash has been approved!

And received in my wallet:

Andreas Brekken

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