Steps for MBBS Admission in Russia for 2017 Intake

MBBS admission in Russia is systematic and simple. Interested candidates need to follow the steps outlined in this article, along with individual rules and regulations of the particular Russian medical university or college they are applying to.

MBBS Admission in Russia

Step 1: No Entrance Exam

The first important step is to consider that Indian students do not need to pass entrance exams for MBBS admission in Russia. No entrance exams like GRE, TOEFL or CET are needed for admission to MBBS courses. Admission is on a first-come, first serve basis so make sure you apply in time. Satisfying the eligibility requirements of the medical council of India are also important.

Step 2: Ask for Information

Hire a prominent educational consultancy to guide you through the eligibility criteria, fee, structure, admission, and more. The educational counsellors can also help to satisfy the students and their parents regarding the decision of studying MBBS in Russia.

Step 3: Admission Letter Issuance

Once the application is forwarded to the concerned university, the student will issue an admission letter confirming the reservation of the seat. The admission letter is then provided to the student. The student is then expected to make a payment of the required admission fees.

Step 4: The Invitation Letter

The next step in the process is the invitation letter which is an official document issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Receiving the letter is time consuming and therefore plenty of time needs to be set aside for this.

Step 5: Apply for VISA

The next step is to apply for visa from the Russian consulate. Once the visa processing is complete, the student is given details about the date of travel. Necessary arrangements need to be made for tuition fee to be paid on arrival to the university in Russia. Specific travel documents should in the posession of the student.

Step 6: Join the Course

Finally, MBBS admission in Russia is complete once the formal joining process is finished. Once the student submits the relevant documentation and fees on arrival to the university, his/her medical education commences. Visit: