Janasena… a revolution in politics of Telugu States

It is common in india that actors become politicians after their retirement in film industry. So many came like that and became successful also,in the same way Tollywood actor usually known as ‘Powerstar’ Pawan kalyan also joined politics. Despite of producing a fewer hits he has a huge fan base in South india.

A few months ago he started ‘praja porata yatra’ where he is recieving a huge response from people. Unlike other politicians in his yatra he started questioning the government where as others just campaign normally for votes. Surprisingly most of the problems were looked after by the government. Means he is creating pressure on the government even though he is not having a single seat in assembly. In this yatra he said he wanted to know the problems of the people and he is also experiencing them in the yatra. He is a very simple person. By seeing his lifestyle we can’t believe that he is an actor. And he is well known for his ethics and values, Also he helped several people and donated money during natural calamities. With this good impression, He is doing his political journey.

He announced that janasena will contest in 2019 elections and addressed janasainiks(party members) to work hard so that they should take the principles of party into the people.

A big challenge for pawan is to erase the loss done by praja rajyam party founded by his brother chiranjivi. Because people are questioning him that your brother betrayed us why you wouldn’t do it. And another is to chose MLA candidates wisely.And film fanbase is different from politics, he may be having huge fan following but when it comes into politics people will think differently when it comes to india people will see their caste inspite of their work, even educated people also doing the same. We say that government is playing caste politics but we ourselves doing that, Even pawan will be going to face the same problem in upcoming elections.

Any how if he don’t win the elections also his impact on government will be going to be remain same.By his fan base he can do it.

Need to see whether pawan will change the system or system will change pawan. All doubts are going to be clarified in 2019