Template Literals in ES6.

Template strings are introduced in ES6 to work with strings. `Back-ticks` are used to wrap text and it’s having numerous advantages….

Output a variable in a string.

For example in ES5 we used to work on strings like -

var templateString = 'My name is' + name + '.'

ES6 introduces a new syntax ${variable} using back-ticks and above example can be written as -

var templateString = `My name is ${name}`

Simple as that. :)

Multi Line strings can finally be used with ease.

In ES5 we used + for string concatenation.

var joinString = 'This is string one' + 'This is string two'

But with Template string introduction it’s much more easier.

//Multi Line String using Backticks (``)

`Wow we just created a
multi line string.`

For more info visit → Mozilla Developer Network.