Nothing fresher than Febreze.

While flipping through the newest edition of Us Weekly, it is nearly impossible to flip past this giant cat. Fresh Step decided to sell their newest cat litter with nothing other than an enormous, eye-catching cat placed right in the middle of the entire advertisement.

The arrangement of this ad is essential. The eye first goes straight to the cat, due to the fact of the size and color of the cat. Then, the eye travels up to the headline, and lastly down to the product in the bottom right hand corner. The arrangement just makes sense due to how the eye travels. The ad was created in such a fashion that even someone who spends a couple seconds on the ad, is able to completely comprehend what the ad is trying to sell. Another factor that is essential to the ad is color. The cool blue color gives off a very relaxed, calm, refreshing vibe. The ad is selling odorless litter so it makes sense to place a color that reminds you of the air and the sky of a sunny summer day. Refreshing and clean. Also, the color of the cat is important. The bright orange pop of orange brings some excitement to the ad. It allows your eye to quickly be pulled towards the cat, and the orange just gives off pure excitement and happiness. Which makes sense, because who wouldn’t be happy about a odorless cat litter?

The use of text in this ad also is a very important component. The headline establishes what the ad is about. It is simple yet very informative. The headline is placed in the visual field of where the eye travels due to the arrangement, so the headline happens to be necessary. Also, the use of a slogan is seen in the bottom left hand corner. This is something that the eye does not catch unless you are looking into the ad. The slogan adds some comedy to the whole ad, but is not essential to the viewer which is why it’s location makes sense. The eye is far less likely to hit the bottom left hand corner.

Lastly, the USP happens to be that the cat litter now has Febreze freshness to it. No other cat litter is as fresh, as odorless, and as clean as this litter. The Febreze makes it special and far better than the other types and brands. It smells so good, and it makes the product so much more amazing that the cat is even amazed. And of course the target audience. The audience is obviously people who own either one cat or a couple. It is for people who are sick of smelling their cats litter, and want a product that is fresh and clean. They have probably tried many types of litters before and just want a new type that guarantees a odorless cat litter. It is for people who desire the clean and fresh smell inside of their lovely homes.

Overall, this Fresh Step ad is very effective. It grabs your attention off the bat, and gets the point across while being short and simple. It is effective because all cat owners will be interested in buying the product due to the Febreze freshness. All of the components building u