i really don’t think you understand what trump stands for, and clearly your perspective is steeped…
Carrie Erickson


Australia was once arguably a racist white Supremacist Country prior to 1967 when 90.77% of voters granted equal rights to indigenous Australians. That means that back then, less than 10% of Australians were racists. Could Americans have beaten that figure back then? Today Australia is a multi-cultural country with immigrants of every race and culture on the planet making up a sizeable proportion on the population. Over 25% of Australians were born in another country. Suffice to say that what you “hear” is 50 years out of date.

Caitlin tried to deprogram you, but it clearly didn’t work: rather than consider the craziness of the Democrat World-view today, you swung reflexively into ad-hominem attack on the messenger, in this case defaming her whole country at the same time. Shame on you, Carrie!

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