Hurricanes and Atmospheric C02
Kady M.

Kady! How dare you speak common sense to the Climate Faithful!

Holy Writ and the words of the Prophet Al Gore say that Hurricanes and extreme weather events are on the increase, so there must be a positive correlation between CO2 Concentration and Storm frequency and intensity: mustn’t there?

If CO2 increases just make plants grow faster, and make the growing season longer, and don’t cause climate extremes, wouldn’t that mean we’ve been scaring ourselves for nothing? That’s unthinkable to Climate Science, the only real science of course. Climate Science consists of “Consensus” between like-minded academics who publish articles in boring magazines: that’s real science that is, not quackery like Chemistry, Physics and Maths. Those old-fashioned pseudo-sciences are so last Century, insisting on causality, correlation and data.

The lack of correlation is explained by the obvious assertion that this technique was once used by a scientist in the pay of an Oil or Coal company, and is now thoroughly debunked. Big Coal, Big Oil: what more do I need to say?

Keep this up and I’ll drop the D-bomb!

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