No, we didn’t, and we have a long way to go.
Benji Lampel

No, it’s like saying “You’re much healthier now!” to someone who has given up smoking and eating junk food. Not everyone agrees with Al Gore’s BS about Global apocalypse: it is unclear whether it is still getting warmer at all, and if it is, it is doing so so slowly it will have little effect for a generation, by which time oil and gas will have been exhausted anyway.

CO2 increases are of net benefit: Burning Fossil fuels is of great value to humanity and to the natural world, releasing much needed Carbon back into the environment. Fossil fuels have also saved our environment from the much worse practices they allowed us to cease: Coal saved the forests of Europe during the Industrial Revolution from being cut down for charcoal manufacture, and Oil gave us petroleum products which meant we could stop lighting our homes with Whale Oil. Oil saved the Whales; that is a fact.

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