Oh dear god another person trying to expect social media to be a valid news source.
Kenneth Lynch

The mainstream media got it completely wrong, so you can’t blame Facebook for that. Who got it right? Wikileaks, Project Veritas on YouTube, and Scott Adams’ blog: he picked a landslide to Trump 6 weeks before the election. The explanation is simple: Clinton was a terrible candidate, and her endless claims of entitlement to be President because she was “uniquely qualified” for the job, and was a woman, left voters desperate to vote for anyone else. Trump seemed like a normal everyday person by comparison, human with a sense of humour, albeit a rather foul-mouthed kind of guy; they close rudeness over smugness, bluntness over political correctness and an outsider over a career politician who thought she was born to rule. The reason the Democrats didn’t see this coming? They believed their own propaganda and had stopped listening to any dissenting view for at least the last decade.

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