Absalom Carlisle has been associated with several reputed companies, and is known to help companies during their time of crisis. All these companies at present have reached the zenith of success with maximum productivity and efficiency because of the expert advice and leadership of Absalom Carlisle.

People praise him not only because of his diligence but also because of his determination and toil. While Absalom Carlisle puts all his intuition at work, he also believes in thorough study of each and every detail before giving any solution to the companies. His analysis is always detailed and correct to the point.

In the field of business development, Absalom O. Carlisle has emerged as a name synonymous with unmatched business acumen and problem-solving skills that have driven him to the peak of success.

Having a strong background in Project Management, he has mastered the art of strategic planning, operations, marketing, project management, and business development. He was born with leadership qualities and excellent communication skills that paved the way for the remarkable growth of any organization he has been associated with.

Brainstorming Creative Ideas

Being in the industry for over a decade, Absalom Carlisle knows how to transform a business challenge into a lucrative opportunity. His leadership excellence and innovation are clearly evident from a wide spectrum of key roles he has played across diverse industries. …

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On Saturday, the Monteagle Sewanee Rotary Club hosted its fourth annual Hunger Walk. The event aimed to raise $17,000 to be divided between the Community Action Committee (CAC) and the Morton Memorial Food Pantry as an effort to provide food for families across the Mountain.

In an outpouring of community sport, the walk raised $7,000 over its goal to reach $24,000 to be donated to the CAC and the Morton Memorial Food Pantry.

“The walk passed all of our expectations,” said Reverend Betty Carpenter, the director of the CAC. …


Absalom Carlisle

Absalom Carlisle is a specialist in strategic planning, project management, marketing, and business development, dedicated to deliver results.

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