Abi’s Tweet Highlights — #1

Abi Mohamed
Current Headshot: Photo credit @MoyesaCo

Welcome friends 👋 to my first 2019 quarterly review. I’m going to call them my “Tweet Highlights “ series…

I’m Abi, and this is my serious face (in the above picture).

I have decided to share my milestones and good times throughout the year for my own accountability. The purpose of this series is really for me to soak in the past few months for my own well-being and self-reflect.

I do have a couple of announcements throughout this review — none hasn’t been publically announced yet. So, let’s go…


I kick off the year with this tweet (as shown below), as a little reminder to myself that I have full control of my story.

Sometimes, we all need a little reminder that some things are out of our control and what will be will be. Remeber you have full control of your own narrative in the world.

— Ameen xxx

This dropped 🔥 🔥🔥

I had a lovely time speaking to Jamz Supernova about CGV, tech and how to get yourself investment ready. Sneak peek below.

For the full interview, click on the link below.

Also, on a magical sunny Sunday morning, in a WeWork office far, far away. The CGV family decided to get their acts together, so they rang their good friends over at Moyesa & Co. And they decided to do an epic photo shoot and lived happily ever after.

Serious conversation ( maybe about Maths & Science), nothing to do with our vanity 😜. In the picture: Malik Beard & Denzel W.

Announcement # 1: There are now four of us at CGV.

Introducing Abigail Osundun, who leads all things compliance. Look at us, we are a good looking bunch 😉

CGV family picture (January 2019). Left to right, Denzel W, Me, Abigail Osundun & Emmanuel Aremu. Photo credit @MoyesaCo


Meanwhile at my 9–5, my good friend Lauren Taylor decided to add an ‘Abi emoji’ into the office Slack channel— now I will be there (forever) as long as the IT dept in Government uses Slack as their main communication —

If you find me, congrats, feel free to use it ✨

Had fun at ASOS tech event with some kool women techies & gamers in the UK. The main aim of the event was to connect with more women in the tech ecosystem and hopefully share some opportunities with you all.

Painted by T’umo Mere 👾

Meanwhile, CGV was featured by Sarah Finch from D/SRUPTION— we spoke about our 2018 journey so far and our mission in changing the start-up ecosystem by becoming investors & more.

For a summary of the full article, click on the above tweet for all gems shared.

At Community Growth Ventures (CGV), we invest time and resources to help passionate founders create sustainable companies that deliver value to customers and the communities they operate in. If your a founder needing pre-seed investment , our application form is open. For more info, vist www.cgventures.co

Also had fun with YSYS team and doing a small virtual tour of the re-opening of Google for Startups UK.

Google for Startups Campus is a community of entrepreneurs, a global network of spaces where big ideas are shaping the future. They provide a free co-working space for their members, you can become a member via Google for Startup Website for free. You must be a founder working on a start-up.

Announcement # 2: The Cat is out of the bag!

So I didn’t quit my job, it just naturally ended 😃

So my last day was on 28th, I have decided I am open to new opportunity but I’m using this time to really find what I really want to do.

Right now, I really enjoy working with startups and all things tech/ product / UX related things — so I’m going to do the whole work for myself.

I will hopefully do a deep review of my tech so far journey, pre-qualifications before entering my 1st industry role, how I got into my 1st role and my day-to-day as a Software Developer / Engineer in Test hybrid in a future post. Also will look at some key takeaways and what would I do if I was given a second chance.


So in our last month deep dive, I was super excited to be part of the #divesity30 issue 2 by Anne-Laure Le Cunff (founder of Ness Labs). The issue includes some of my favorites individuals in the tech/start-up scene in London.

Also, I was part of an amazing panel speaking about Black Women Succeeding in 2019 facilitated by Jordan Jarrett Bryan from It’s All Blakademik.

For a summary of the full video post, click on the above tweet for all gems shared.
A small snippet of me speaking about women in tech

If you know me I always like learning and growing in general. So off I went to the CodeUntapped 1 day Hackathon.

I decided to take on a new role and not be the technical kid in my team. I really enjoyed it, it was quick and very informative and it was on a Sunday!

For more info about CodeUntapped, here is their website link: CodeUntapped Website

I joined the Backed VC scout program back in January. Since joining, enjoyed several lovely nights with the Backed VC team, the scout family and some of their founders.

Daisy Onubogu really knows how to put on events, below is a picture of the recent meetup, with a lovely spread of board food.

Backed is a community-driven seed stage VC fund, based in London. BackedVC website for more info. If you are a founder seeking seed stage investment, I am happy to review your start-up and then make an introduction.

I decided to join the BackedVC scout programe after reviewing what the scout program include and decided it fits in what I’m currently doing in start-up ecosytem. Will hopefully write up a review of my personal experience being a VC scout and working & learning with Backed VC in the near future.

If you enjoyed this post, follow me on Twitter for more insight about tech and startup, via Abi Mohamed & CGV ✨✨✨

Abi Mohamed

Written by

@cgventuresHQ ✨| Angel | Techie | #WomenInTech

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